Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who I am

Here is my life story kept to a minimum. In the 1970’s ngyakhula koMabhena Mabhena, then I went to London in 1976, August. By the time I was 4 I had seen Zipra fight with Smith many times, I remember the whole village watched a woman, young at least 25 beaten to death accussed as a spy for Zipra, we all had to watch, it was white soldiers. Okay fine. I was rescued went to England.
I returned in the early 80’s, My father did not want to return, but as ZAPU, all ZAPU was kicked out off England, though there were terrible atrocities happening, Thatcher was showing she is on the side of ZANU. Happily I was ignorant, my first friend was Dalisizwe Nddebele, at that time I did not understand, but every holiday I had to go home and plough, emakhaya, that was Mbelengwa, I can not say Mberengwa. We met the Hove’s etc, but I did not understand.
Then in 1987 in Form 3 the fifth brigade came to our village, we where the only Khumalo’s, they beat my uncle like crazy, every holiday I went to the rural areas, the other villages protected us, many where Shona but most where Venda and Sotho, except for our closest friends, the Mangena’s = Xhosa, but off Mzilikazi all Mfengus are there because Mfengus are originally all Zulu, go to Ntabezinduna, all their names are Zulu, Xaba etc, Mfengus where brought by Rhodes because they where not Xhosa, but originally Zulu.
In 1988 after Gukhurahundi, an ex soldier came to our village and told us we are not originally from Mbelengwa but from thsolotsho, he was a Ndlovu, and told us Ndlovu’s are not Khalanga, but so what, Khalanga’s and Ndebele’s created a new nation, I did not understand. He was at pains to tell us that we should know where we came from, but stopped, Gukhurahundi was over. I saved my brothers life though he does not recognize it, in 1987 they wanted to take him out of the bus and I said, liyambulala, then they let him stay in the bus, he was turning 17 and at Plumtree high but he will never say thanks, family for you.
1991 went to Australia, my fathers best friend Zikhali said he would organize a scholarship for us, but I told my father that is nonsense, he is a Ndebele, he does not have the power, so I went to Lesotho, my father used to hang out with Zikhali, at our house every month and Tshuma. Zikhali ended up in the politburo, of ZANU though he was at pains to explain to me it was because ZAPU had not trusted my father because he was a Khumalo, Zikhali to me felt guilty, he was always so humble to us I never understood until I went to Lesotho.
In Lesotho I met a Mr Mhlanga working for the UN, then I was 22, he took me for a drink, drunk he told me he is also from Mbelengwa, then he told me, long before ZIPRA was effective my father and Zikhali blew up the police station in Filabusi with grenades, though they could hide behind the trade unions, that was their first sentence in jail, did Mugabe or Nkomo ever blow up a police station he said, he too told me, only Mnanagwa equalled them, a Khumalo must be sidelined and he said it is not a bad thing, oMhlanga after all are supposed to defend the honour of Khumalo, not Khumalo defending himself, he was drunk, people know, I asked him why do you tell me this, it will never be written. Mhlanga pretended that he did not hear me, and he said look at all the active ZIPRA people, Dabengwa, Mangena, Ackim Ndlovu, Malunga, Zikhali, Khumalo, they where all from either Belingwa or Filabusi, though the only ones who blew up a police station where Khumalo and Zikhali, I thought so what, I have things to do uMhlanga wants to disturb my plans.
I sayed with Mangena eGoli, he was commander/ captain of ZIPRA Mashonaland, his brother was one of those who reacted first to ZANLA”s assault in Matabeleland, he was a commander, he told me one thing, he said you are the only children in the history of ZAPU who where always looked after by ZAPU and only ZAPU, it is not a coincidence though you might take it for granted, you stayed koMabhena, you stayed koNdebele, then married , you stayed koMasotsha Ndlovu, these are not small things, then he told me the most important thing in my life, you can always come ko Mangena, yikhaya kababa not umama, always.
Our business is done, you know who I am, bayethe, it was a great waste of time, sizobonana phambili, uZulu angimlahli, I am another generation not my fathers.

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