Saturday, December 15, 2007

Knol and Google

It seems google is about to compete head on with Wikipedia with the announcement of its knol project. knol project. For us who advocate knowledge as the prime commodity for development the naming of the project has important implications, the knol project.

The term knol is “denotes a unit of knowledge”, ( A unit of knowledge was of course defined first by a knowledge economist, because anything to be useful in understanding there must be a way to measure it. Knowledge was first given a unit of measure by Bhekuzulu Khumalo in 2004, in the book “The Fundamental theory of Knowledge,” self published because measuring knowledge was too radical an idea for economists who where trained rather not to think as such but to regurgitate what they learnt, economists who where taught to quote each other, because they where quoting each other they could not advance the discipline of economics. Essentially they where involved as a Harvard economist said in promoting each others work and if they do not quote each other they do not get published, because of the fear of individuality, though of course these are the same economists who talk about individual rights and individuality to defend ideological view points but their actions show that they are against the individual, they against somebody outside their click outshining them

In the fundamental theory of knowledge for those who have read it, I of course spelt the unit of knowledge as knowl rather than knol. This of course does not diminish the work the Fundamental theory of knowledge remains the first works to give knowledge its own unit, and google at last in a way confirms that we where right, knowledge is the most powerful force, not monetary theory, not fiscal theory, not interest theory because without knowledge there is no economics, there is no trade. Knowledge the most important resource must have its own unit and this was the main fight, one can not sell their soul to please people who because they did not see the necessity of knowledge having its own unit became frightened at the implications, many for reasons dealing with culture.

The truth will always win, and one must congratulate Google at its maturity, knowledge has its own unit and that unit is knowl. Google needs to put back the w in knowl, because the person who thought of it back in 2004 put a ‘w’ in it. They should not follow the prejudice of so many.

Billions more to google for such maturity, and eventually we will win that it is knowledge that is most important in economics not all these other theories that are meaningless without production. Though all economic theory is important.

Thanks Google

Bhekuzulu Khumalo


Devendra said...

Just received your comment, if you could belive i laugh at first wholeheartdly, then read your blog and think of writing you. I would like to Congrats Larry Page coz he got marrried couple of days back, but i would never congrats Google for Google Knol. What ever google is doing is arrest of knowledge, is human society ready for this????????????

Institute of Knowledge said...

Devendra, I do not know if what google is doing is arrest of knowledge, maybe, because why compete with Wikipedia, but respect google I must for respecting the truth that there must be a unit for knowledge to me that is respecting knowledge, but google does not need this. If done properly, yes human society is ready for it because it would be discussing the basics, whilst Wikipedia would keep the "deeper" stuff.

One would hope google keeps to the basics, and leave the details to Wikipedia. But then Knol should only be dealing with scientific stuff, that means more for Wikipedia, that will also include historical stuff, yes human society is ready.



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