Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kenya, trying to Hide Contradictions

After the elections of December 27 2008 Kenya has fallen into disrepute, cheating in East Africa is taken seriously, in one week the country is devastated, from an already precarious position the Kenyan economy is now reeling, what has occurred in this one week will take a long time to recover.

An already precarious position, surely this can not be true, after all we have been hearing how well Kenya has been doing of late. Kenya has not been doing well, its GDP per Capita is at US$1 200, the societies who say Kenya was doing well mostly have GDP per capita of over US$25 000. Kenya was on a slippery slope from the time Moi took and consolidated power for himself. These demonstration we are witnessing are a natural reaction to an artificial creation that has at best served one group over another.

True, the wealthy, those who can be part of the middle class talk of no ethnic strive in the society because they are all making ‘money’, at the poverty level, with a GDP per capita of US$1 200, most of the people are at this level, the ethnic tensions of being forced to exist together has exploded into the open. Kenya is a country that was created at the Berlin Conference by the British. The Kikuyi, Luo, Nandi, Masia had nothing to do with its creation. There was not a single black man who voiced any African concerns in Berlin.

The only way to solve these issues is to have some sort of federation at the least, differences must be accepted, some sort of autonomy for the different groups is needed. The hypocrisy of the whole situation is that when the Soviet Union broke up to free the different ethnic groups it was a victory for freedom, yet when African seek independence and self determination away from the European creations, all countries in Africa are European created institutions, Africa existed, had its own societies, its own governments before the Europeans came. Europe created African countries in no way to benefit an African, solely to benefit Europeans, the contradictions in Kenya was how it was supposed to be, divide and rule, except now the European is not there to benefit, the contradictions remain, take all pride from Africa’s past and now we have a mess. The same Europeans though are demanding Kosovo’s independence, because Kosovo has the right to self determination, but an Ibo, a Ndebele does not because they are black, remember the Ibo’s had broken away from Nigeria until the English stepped in, Wilson’s very words where, Nigeria is our creation, we will not see it break up,” Africans must suffer for the creation of Europeans.

Well suffer Kenya, in fact the contradictions are all over Africa, the Congo is stuck with them for ever. This way though, they can always say look at those fighting Africans, they will never civilize, believe in the European institutions, lose your past, all part of civilizing, be African, there was no Kenya before the Europeans came, how can you cheer for something that ancestors never had a hand in its creation, something created to destroy Africa and its great heritage, a continent with the largest biodiversity in humanity, a country with the most languages, get rid of Kenya, that is the problem, it belongs in history books like colonialism that created it, but the agents of colonialism and those who will agree that Africans can not think of course will insist in keeping the European institutions.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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