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Vitality of Knowledge Transfer

The winners will be the societies that respect knowledge, the societies that are up to date with other leading societies. In every sense of the word that society is a winner, it will have great economic growth, greater access to material comforts, better weapons to protect itself from potential threats of any kind, better medicines, the society that respects knowledge is a total society.

However of particular interest is knowledge transfer. Knowledge transfer is the latter stages of the conversion process of knowledge. The conversion process of knowledge was described as “The conversion rate of knowledge is the process from idea to theory to practice.” in the paper “The Fundamental Theory of Knowledge.” Knowledge transfer of course being the commercialization of that practice, therefore knowledge transfer completes the end process of the conversion rate.

Knowledge transfer is important to the knowledge base because it was explained in the same paper that the conversion rate “The conversion rate determines the limits of gathering knowledge”… “knowledge cannot increase at a faster rate than the conversion rate or else it will become meaningless. It will become meaningless because it cannot be imagined.”. Being the end process of the conversion rate it would clearly mean the conversion rate is not complete until the process of knowledge transfer has occurred. Therefore knowledge transfer is a major factor in eventually determining the stock of knowledge a society has.

This is not difficult to understand the conversion rate, a simple way to look at it is by watching old science fiction shows on television, take something like Star Trek, something commonly known. In the 70’s and 80’s the world was not so digitalized, there was no touch screen technology for example, the creators of star trek could not imagine touch screen technology, though purporting to represent the future, the mind that created star trek could not leave the realms of the reality it was created in, what we saw in the command center of star trek was a lot of knobs, switches, and buttons. Star Trek moved with the times, the latest versions of star trek that came out in the 1990’s had very different command posts, there where now a lot of touch screen, the mind moves with the technology that it has. Just watch the Terminator series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the original terminator could not imagine the internet, by Terminator 3 the internet was everywhere.

Power stations where a lot less efficient in the 1950’s than they are today, but there was no alternative, now we have wind power, solar power, technology to harness the tide, these concepts could not be imagined in the early 50’s, but today because humans see this technology, they can imagine an era with power generating that does not involve pollution.

Without being involved in the process of knowledge transfer, a society is limiting itself, it can not complete the conversion process of knowledge. When the conversion process is complete, meaning when the knowledge transfer process is complete, a product that was originally merely an idea at the beginning of the conversion process, finds itself on the shelves. Once on the shelves so to speak, in the market to be more precise, the product if there is enough demand can be improved upon as there will be an income, and due to competition, there will be more incentive to improve upon the product. This is evident almost in every product available in the market, computers, microchips, medicines, cars, all these products are being continuously improved because the conversion process was completed.

Genetics was initially a mysterious discipline, in universities, now this knowledge is becoming more prevalent because the knowledge transfer process occurred, it has become an invaluable tool in law enforcement, custody battles, determining the origins of mankind, and just as important health care issues.

Knowledge transfer is vital in that been the completer of the conversion process of knowledge it allows society to advance. Where knowledge is disrespected material progress is slow because there is no investigation. Take a simple phenomenon like access to clean water. This is one of the United nations goals, that all will have access to clean water. However areas of the earth that do not have access to clean water like Africa, Asia and Latin America, there really is no attempt to look for technology to purify the water, it is mostly done in Europe, and USA, and soon China. This is mind boggling, here are societies with dirty water yet the superstitious leaders ask for help to clean this water but refuse to engage their own populations. Look at these creation in Ireland, a society that has a lot of clean water, research funded by Enterprise Ireland, waste water purification or an even simpler product from Oxford, Oxford Invents Portable Water purification Device. Oxford in the UK where they largely have access to clean water, what is happening in societies where there is not enough clean water, societies like Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Brazil, do they not have universities, should not these universities be involved in knowledge transfer like Oxford for example, why are they doing nothing besides been involved in bizarre political rituals and demanding the West gives more aide, that aid has to include the setting up of structures to enable the conversion process of knowledge to be completed, in other words to enable the knowledge transfer process to be completed.

Knowledge transfer is so vital, governments in every society have to be there to enable the speedier process of the transfer. Governments have to be involved in the knowledge process or a society might just stand still, time will not move in terms of knowledge. Knowledge transfer is vital, it is a sign that psychologically a society respects knowledge, the prime commodity.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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