Sunday, March 16, 2008

The World Moves Forward

Whilst many societies that are termed as less developed play around with politics, power for powers sake because nobody really has a plan except big words, for example African Renaissance, nonsense, but I must admit it inspired me, I did follow the call and decided to study knowledge, respect knowledge and you will get that renaissance but in most part, nonsense, societies that respect knowledge move forward. True hard times seem to be on the horizon, people have been warning the American government for decades that they are printing too much money and are simply been helped by the US dollars prominent position after world war two, the world moves forward.

“Green Sports Car set for launch”, was the headline of a recent BBC website. This car is powered entirely by hydrogen, it can travel at up to 100 mph, major break through for hydrogen fuel cell technology. We are with hydrogen fuel cell technology at the dawn, and we know from knowledge economics that at the dawn improvements are rapid if given a chance, see the article, Green Sports Car set for Launch.

Notice who developed the car, a consortium of UK companies and universities. There is a direct knowledge transfer from institutes of higher learning to the corporate sector. Theories developed are being immediately tested and what have we have, we have a great advancement in the fuel cell technology. Knowledge transfer is obviously vital in advancing knowledge, this can not be overemphasized. Knowledge developed must be tried out in the market place, must be tried out to create products.

However if one tells me that only the UK has universities I would be flabbergasted. For the sake of humanity, it is important that all societies respect knowledge, that way as humanity we can all move forward. However, it is in most part upto the individual society to decide to respect knowledge, the United Nations has obviously failed because it does not, it lacks the means to control the internal political situation in a country.

A richer world means all of humanity goes forward, it means that the whole world becomes a meaningful player in the ‘game’ of humanity. It means all societies will have something to offer, or at the least strive to have something to offer and look to the future for greatness, though of course it would be stupid to forget the past and ones heritage.

Though the Green sports car is derived in the UK, and those who respect knowledge should applaud this achievement, the USA, Japan, and China are all seeking this technology are all striving ahead, knowing that this will result in a better world. I have no doubt that South Africa is capable, given the will, Rwanda, Ecuador are all capable.

Europe is showing mettle, it is not waiting for America to say, look we have had enough of fossil fuels,, no, Europe is saying we are going ahead with this new technology, North America can remain with fossil fuels. No society needs to wait for another society, this is the problem largely with less developed countries. Because they disrespect knowledge, this is real, Mugabe of Zimbabwe thinks one can get oil from tapping rocks, mind boggling but real, this lack of respect for knowledge means that they must wait for technology to be developed by other societies before they can accept it, there is no capacity to accept it.

The world moves forward, and pity the small minds that are laughing at America, America will recover from this crises, because they respect knowledge they will recover and continue to be a major force in the global economy the small minds will have to wait for the next crises, there are always economic down turns, need ways to get rid of excess. Instead of wishing for America’s destruction maybe it would be better to get up respect knowledge and create goods over and above from being a resource supplier, though commodities is a great business.

It is time for governments around the world to take the knowledge transfer process more seriously, to understand that knowledge is the primary resource, it is the resource that allows us to identify platinum as a resource.

With all the economic crises, societies that respect knowledge move forward and get ready for the next upswing.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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