Monday, April 14, 2008

They Say there is a Food Crisis

The growing food crisis is mostly an artificial food crisis caused by politics.

There have recently been food riots in Haiti, but let us look at the political situation in Haiti. There has been on going unrest for years. Politics has made leaving in that country a frightening issue. A fertile country that can not feed itself because of political unrest.

Let us look at the skyrocketing agricultural produce in the USA. These are mostly caused by bio fuels, bio fuels have not been proven to reduce pollutants, I can not believe how anybody would suggest burning liquefied sugar would somehow be better than burning a fossil fuel. The idea is to get rid of burning stuff, alternative energy surely would endeavor to reduce the effects of the combustion engine, hydrogen, wind power, solar power, geo thermal power, wave power, all these deserve much more attention than bio fuels, that is just making food expensive.

China, well here the rising prosperity means that people are eating more, again a wonderful commercial opportunity for Africa, a continent whose food is not desired in the West, solely because of the image of the press as well as protecting Western food industry. Ghana can not export chocolate to Europe but can only give the raw chocolate product. Surely Africa can make better deals with China where they can export processed food to China. Lack of foresight from the African and Chinese leadership, exporting to Europe and North America will not occur, its strictly a race issue, what one puts in their mouth is politics, to accept food from Africa means accepting Africans are clean, but the image must always be of destitute diseased, intellectually inferior people, therefore for politics it will not happen, Western politics for unknown reasons needs Africans to be shown as intellectually inferior, diseased, and backward. Strange though deals were made with China and contaminated pet food end up in the shops of the USA as well as contaminated vitamin supplements, food in Africa is naturally grown.

Zimbabwe has destroyed the agricultural infrastructure, one can only hope that Zimbabwe will begin to be a bread basket soon and get rid of the surplus to the world to dampen prices. It looks like maize has its benefits especially when produced in surplus.

Ethiopia continues to have politically induced famine, hopefully the fertile Southern Sudan will at last begin to produce food after many years of a brutal civil war because the indigenous Sudanese were being marginalized by the Arabic North, thanks to colonial settlements.

The highly fertile Nigeria East coast should become an agricultural haven, the oil took the priority from producing food to producing oil, with the higher agricultural prices maybe intentions will be restored to growing food once more.

In most third world countries people are flocking away from the rural areas to the cities, nobody wants to farm because for so long prices had become too low. Now with the rising prices surely people will be enticed back to the land, hopefully.

First and foremost Africa needs to make an agricultural deal with China, secondly, less racism is needed in the West in order for Africa to be allowed to export processed food, otherwise the West must stop saying it does things for moral issues, the West blinded by History has refused to lead the world, it has only done stuff to promote solely a Western elite on the world, it is sad but violently true, since the end of colonialism Africans have been denied access to these markets, whilst the Western advisor has been talking not of the need for Africa to have access to markets, but for Africa to allow international capital into Africa, yet wholly rejecting the idea that Africa can contribute more than resources to the world, discouraging that idea wholeheartedly, and those wanting to be part of the world those leaders accept this notion.

There is no food crisis, the crisis that is there is artificial, the world can and given stability feed itself many times over. The competition for competitions sake in the world must end, that prophesy of colonialism, of imperialism, of racism. The world is changing fast, no race is master of this world, no matter how hard they try to press that image. Given a good head, the global community, that being those that want to deal with other peoples will soon feed itself, it is time for China to take the lead and allow agricultural imports from continents like Africa, and it is time Africa sorted out legal issues over land, so that the land becomes an asset and people can invest in the land. Why invest in something that is not yours.

The West is too afraid of other peoples because it is competing with them, their agricultural markets will not open up.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo


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