Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bush's call for Opening Exploration Offshore

Today the American President George Bush said it would be prudent to open up off shore drilling in America off the continental shelf. As expected, the Republicans supported it including McCain the Presidential candidate and Obama and the Democrats shouted it down.

Those who shouted it down, what time did they get to analyze what is being proposed, they claim to fear for the environment. They also claim that it would not have much immediate gains. Immediate gains but a society surely looks at the future, immediate gains are for bank robbers and con artists and even they plan. Gas prices are at $4 per gallon, in five years time, maybe $10 per gallon, who will afford that.

The democrats should have looked more closely at what is being proposed and came up with a solution of their own. They should have agreed with Bush's proposal, why? because the proposal makes sense, but the democrats to shore up their environmentally friendly image should have said yes we agree with Bush, however, we also demand more efficient motor vehicles, in five years time cars must produce so much miles per gallon, or say be thirty percent more efficient. This would mean that they are not depending solely on finding more oil but also using it more wisely. Demanding such improvements would mean that automobile manufacturers would have to improve efficiency probably more hybrid vehicles, thirty percent is a lot of gain.

To stop relying on fossil fuels has to be a gradual effect, let the technology come on line, those who claim these high oil prices will force changes in technology are sadly mistaken, the technology for what they want does not currently exist. If they believe scientists are being sloppy they should think again. I can safely say all those scientists wanting to develop hydrogen technology are working full out, but the problem is the cheapest place to get hydrogen at the moment is from technology that already exists, from oil. A hydrogen car is nice thing now, but the hydrogen will be coming from hydro carbons, what seems clean actually up stream techniques are polluting.

Those who claim that it is the oil companies that will benefit from off shore drilling should think again about their premises, do they not use the petroleum, one could say it is only software companies that benefit from increased demand in software, but do we not all benefit from that software, the argument is bland and nonsensical.

One understands it is election time, but Obama should have looked at what is being proposed, especially his advisor's, pollution, with good legislation oil spills would be at a minimum, near zero days per year.

The world needs more oil, those against George Bush's proposals need to ask themselves where is the oil coming from, every one wants to develop, there will be more and more squeeze on the existing supplies. The only thing that is going to stop the rise in the oil price is increased capacity or a deep recession, simple as that.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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