Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Respect Knowledge: A True believer in the Nation

Obama claimed the democratic nomination at 10:30pm Eastern Time in North America. Speeches are an incredible thing, those who know me and my writings know how much I care about protecting the rights of the individual, the right for the individual to compete, to judge according to the individual, and the right for the state to protect the individual.

Listening to Obama I had a feeling of what message I have been trying to pass all along. It was a moving speech, Obama understood that in the 21st century the importance of science and innovation is important, and that in this globalized era truly no child can be left behind, education is most important. The children of the USA have to go back to school, a policy first formulated by George Bush. With all these people, every American now counts if America is to continue as a beacon of what prosperity is, a light of how to achieve material gain.

But the thing that most struck me from Obama, was that to keep America at the top, the journey will be difficult, but as he said “I face this challenge with humility and understanding my limitations…but I have limitless faith in the capacity of the American people”. Rarely have I had such, he believes that the American people will pull through, not that he will take them there, but he will be on the journey with the American people.

believe in people is to first of all admit that they are not stupid, stupid people have limited capacity, but Obama believes Americans have the capacity. Look around the world, no African believes in the capacity of the people, either wise there would be more free markets, Burma, they do not believe in the capacity of the people, Venezuela, they do not believe in the capacity of the people, to believe in the capacity of the people is to let the people be free.

As McCain said on the same day, policies in America were created in the cold war period, they need change, the cold war is over, in the period of the cold war there was no globalization, now there is globalization, policies need to be changed if America is to keep up and continue to be a leader. Actions speak louder than words. America because of the cold war/ post globalization policies has fallen behind in many sectors, manufacturing, even access to high band width internet service, behind South Korea.

But what is interesting about Obama was his statement, the believe in the capacity of the American people. To those who threw stones at him calling him a Stalinist, this is a shocker. A Stalinist does not believe in the capacity of the people, a communist believes in the capacity of the State. I am not against the State giving direction, I am against the State hindering participation and choosing who can participate.

When the world believes in the capacity of its people, there will be less tyranny. Understand Obama, I understand my limitations, are his words, all over the world, Africa, Asia, Middle East, these politicians do not understand their limitations, a leader must understand his/ her limitations and not close the door for those who are capable. Any form of segregation, ethnic, racial, gender closes the door on those capable but differentiated, Obama and Hillary Clinton are a symbol of breaking down barriers.

The only way a leader can understand their limitations is to have unlimited believe in the capacity of those they lead at the given time.

If you have the same believe in your people, let them go, let them use their knowledge to look after themselves in the best capable way, that is the only just society. The truest form of evil are those who say some can not use their knowledge for what ever reason, that is the truest form of evil, they are no different from Hitler, no matter what they say, no matter what ethnic group they are..

Believe in the capacity of the people.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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