Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Things First: It's About Knowledge

11 July 2008 the United Nations issued another warning that there are too many people. They once more called for resources to curb population growth in the poor areas of the world particularly Africa.

There has always been one solution in Africa to develop, the only way Africa can develop itself is by the process of knowledge, by putting more reliance on the knowledge process. Note that Africa has a problem of lack of food whilst in the West people eat too much. Africa has the capacity to feed itself it always has had that capacity, but the rulers of Africa identify with colonialist who no longer exist. By identifying with colonialist they believe that they should rob the continent as the colonialists did. They did not fight to change Africa for the better, they fought to replace and take the privileges of the colonialist. Knowledge will only be respected when they begin identifying with Africa, with Africans, when they desire to uplift the peasants, then and only then will they understand the importance of knowledge.

The United Nations has given up on Africa, they no longer believe that Africa can do anything so the best solution limit the numbers. To blame escalating food prices on too many people shows the worst kind of politics, why did food prices not rise so much last year, the UN has always had an agenda that there are too many people, since another organization that also claims to want the betterment for humanity said there are too many people, this organization being Club of Rome. Incidentally the last time the club of Rome said there are too many people, within half a decade AIDS appeared in Africa. AIDS appeared because they claimed it is a cultural norm for Africans to sleep with monkeys, why then did AIDS not appear a thousand years ago.

By refusing that it is knowledge, the UN is looking for an easy way out, limit the number of Africans, rather than calling for better organization of the continent. Proper organization will mean less desertification, greater output per hectare, there is enough land in Africa to feed itself and export outside the continent, if and only if the African leaders start identifying with Africa, not that hot air people like Mugabe Rant about Britain yet all Mugabe’s rituals be they the swearing in of himself, the opening of Parliament are no different from Ian Smith, or what takes place in London.

Think about it, by believing that Africans, Asians are too many, what the UN is actually saying is that these people are too inferior to look after themselves, they are intellectually challenged, they do not have the capacity to adhere to the principles of knowledge.

Do not be surprised if the UN has as the head of this reducing African population plan an African or an Asian, obviously one who does not identify with Africa.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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