Saturday, December 6, 2008

UN Justice Must Be Carefull

Watching the UN documentary on Charles Taylor on BBC one can only wonder. This is more colonialism, this is why whites in their countries pretend they care for blacks in Africa but the Blacks in the West are not allowed to contribute any thought, this is solely so that the white man continues to plunder and exploit blacks. Because surely those who supported Pinochet should be in courts, this is just a gimmick, whites will always play gimmicks on Blacks. How do they propose to get rid of Mugabe, next door neighbors, why will they not be considered war criminals, because the white has given the go ahead. Because Taylor got rid of a government next door he is a war criminal, to get rid of Mugabe must also mean the neighbors are war criminals, honestly, the hypocrisy of whites does not make sense and a white man has never had justice and will never be able to deliver justice, they are the original cause of this mess in Africa. A black trained in Justice by a white man will never be able to produce justice. The white man’s justice is the weak pay, the strong are above, the white man’s mind will always be stuck in their feudalism.

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