Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Strange World, That is Canada

Having resided in Canada for the last 8 years, when must come to a pause and think, here in a country that boasts off equality, rights of the individual, and on its television how they abhor such evil as racism and ethnicism. Now I am a knowledge economist as you probably know, but last week something strange happened.

Some time ago, I decided to publish my papers on the Internet as publishing in a Canadian Journal is impossible, the main reason being black. Canadians don’t mind to tell you that, as one lecturer at York University said, Your work will probably realized when you die because you are black and he gave a laugh, these things are expected. You think I am kidding, in 2002 the head of monetary economics at University of Toronto said, sure I can help you, as long as you do not write your own theory, you do not have to think, we have thought of everything, it is not fitting for a black man to think new theory, if you want to think we cannot help you, then one wonders, what the hell is wrong with these non racist people.

Laugh at this one, the owner of a big educational publisher, Fernwood press I believe, its been a long time, said Africans should not bother with economics, it is ruinous, they should stay poor its more natural, the head of a so called left publishing company telling you what he thinks. Therefore the left believe blacks, especially Africans must remain helpless, and the right fears a thinking black because they have lied for centuries saying whites thought of it, not true, and they know it. As one supporter of the Fraser Institute said to me, Africans do not need freedom, dictatorship is good, that way there is consistency and business can be sure of what to expect, after reading one of my earlier papers, he said do not waste your time, whites are not interested in thinking blacks, Just take a textbook and regurgitate what some white said and you can have a Phd, you do not have to think, just read what they have said. You wonder what the hell is going on, are these people okay in the head, its 2008 and these white who control the voice of Canada are identical to Hitlers philosophy, that a black should just be a poodle and not think, incredible. Strange enough the head of monetary economist who said I was a natural but said I shouldn’t think was a Jew, one wonders why a Jew after the holocaust would think like Hitler. The others of course I was naïve but should have expected it.

A black must be shown as only taking truth from a white man, true, this Harvard editor said a strange thing, Khumalo, this is revolutionary, but we can’t help you, you do not belong to our group, what ever he meant by group, in 2006 you are thinking like that. And it is mob psychology, the reason why Google had to take knowl a unit of knowledge and change it to knol 3 years after me, because to Google, a black man should not be thinking, and has no place in thinking up a unit of knowledge. The philosophy of Google is, Don’t be evil, what they really mean is don’t be evil, but keep blacks in their place, singers, sportsman, lawyers, accountants, comedians, economists who do not write theory, scientists who do not invent, where there is no thinking involved, Google being the largest internet company understands take from a black do not acknowledge it even though it would not cost them a cent, the acknowledgment will just make them feel bad, best change it from knowl to knol.

This is all strange, then 6 months ago an Indian from New Delhi read my stuff on the internet, and said without even me asking, I thought India was so far, he said your stuff deserves to be published, here I will take one if you do not mind and put it in a journal, one of the better journals in India after checking them out on the Internet. So here was my paper that dealt with the importance of time, and largely rejects the calculus principles in marginal analysis, being published at the birthplace of modern maths. Yes, India is the birth place of modern mathematics, not a white unfortunately, but who really cares, its just knowledge its out there. The variable time, what lessons one learns, I hope it is just Canadian Anglo Saxons who are this racists but claim to be peace and love. The other white groups in Canada are just racist, they do not claim to believe in love and peace. Laughed when a friend told me, they would rather be wrong than told the right answer by a black, after all I did show their illuminated Stern of the EVA model that his measurement of knowledge is totally wrong, to these guys its what an African, a Zulu, damn, hide it.

All this advisors from Canada in Africa, Asia, pretending to want good, when they think those people should not think, what a con, a dangerous con, alas people will fall into the trap because they are poor, at the least America is showing change, but then again, Obama is expressing mainstream views from whites, he just articulates them well, but I guess that is what it means to be a President, to speak for everyone, One should praise Obama for stepping across, leaders are never original, they attain power.

I have just warned you, the media lies, freedom, free world, hmmm.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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