Wednesday, February 4, 2009

...But then Again Obama's Pay freeze...

That Obama had to bring legislation to curb executive pay can be argued as unnecessary if those that where bestowed that wealth had not become spoilt brats and actually looked after their inheritance. I recall sometime at the end of last year when a Rockefeller came out with huge fanfare demanding that Exxon/ Mobile goes into green energy. Here she was calling a press conference, not participating in the company her grandfather had built, preferring to squander her inheritance in idleness demanding that Exxon change direction. Well if she was not a spoilt brat she would wake up every morning and go to the Exxon offices work get a salary, not overpay herself as she understands the money belongs to shareholders, that includes herself, and she would direct what her grandfather left to her. A fool and her money are soon parted, let them overpay themselves, its not theirs, if the major owners are not interested they deserve to be robbed. Those with large blocks of shares should have looked after their own business rather than leave it to con artists. A job they could easily do if they where not spoilt brats. Definitely for example a Rockefeller could run Exxon, if they where not such spoilt brats.

Should the government really step in to save spoilt brats who let their employees take more money out of their business than they do? If the major shareholders do not want to be involved but squander the family fortune, well guess what, maybe they do deserve to be robbed. A business has to be looked after, its not an aristocracy, if it is an aristocracy, then it would be a real aristocracy, aristocracies are built by work and destroyed by spoil brats.

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