Sunday, February 8, 2009

Words of Wisdom, you want Knowledge

Issai Chozanshi wrote a wonderful book entitled "The Demon's Sermon on the Martial Arts". Nice philosophy book it it partains to life. Just to quote for you who are unhappy, many a times includes me,

"Now you consider yourself as having genius of your own accord, you're arrogant to those around you, you see yourself as the measure of what's right and others as the measure of what's wrong. In the end, you don't know how to pass time with the creator of all things. Ahh, you really a man of small caliber. If people like you are mistakenly put in charge of the country, they will use their own personal knowledge and clever wits, give no thought to people's dispositions, promulgate various laws, exasperate others, exhaust people, and the end will be nothing but confusion. That you are now of low status and in a humble place is your great good fortune. Leave off this stuff and get on with your studies! Life and death, good and bad fortune, are matters of fate."

How many lawyers are there because of all these laws put in by man of small caliber ruling this earth. How the people are exhausted all over the world as small man claim they are the originators of knowledge, fearing competition. Ah may this age be gone, and a free age come. Look at the confusion in evey dictatorship and democracy alike, people are confused because of these clever people who say they are the source of knowledge. Just get on with your investigations into knowledge the clever ones can't hide that knowledge is for all and can be investigated by all, they will try with their clever little tricks, ignore them.

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