Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Electric Car is Here; Be Part of the Future

My faith in the entrepreneurial spirit has never been greater. Men of character, even when facing daunting odds move forward. The car industry is being changed by such men of character. Watching the CBC national I have great news for anybody who reads this blog, even Canadians are in the game, the Israeli’s, the Chinese and the usual car manufacturers. To be part of the future you must act, the electric car is coming of age. I saw this, but I admit I was wrong, I am more convinced by the electric car than the fuel cell car, I thought it would be the fuel cell car, but I guess fuel cells will power submarines and ships, do not doubt the future it is changing. Doubting the future is to doubt mankind.

Canada is getting its grid ready for the future, remember for thos interested in the automobile industry history, European carmakers made their names with powerful sports cars, now it's happening in Silicone valley, click and see the Lamborghini of the future. With time Telsa, the Lamborghini/ Ferrari of the future, Telsa will be able to build more powerful cars with time and if you watched the clip you will see they will start building sedans. The future is here.

Warren Buffet is usually no fool. He realized long ago that putting a dot com at the end of your name does not mean anything, he won. He has invested in BYD a Chinese electric car manufacture.

Innovation which is made possible only by the increase in the knowledge base is how we survive as humans. If you deny this you will fall far behind, the electric car represents a huge economic singularity, as much as the microchip. An economic singularity occurs when there is a significant shift in our modes of life and technology. You can see this in my paper, The short and Long Run Properties of Knowledge”, just google it. The electric car will represent a breakdown of the previous short term economic model, that is life.

This recession/ depression will end, it will be a significantly different world that will come out.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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