Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zulu Vs. Scot

This weeks deadliest warrior was between William Wallace and Shaka Zulu. I respect both Shaka and Wallace. That Wallace won, well that is okay. But when I see the weapons of Shaka, the battle axe, you know in our rural village my father has a collection of 4 battle axes from Shaka’s time, I hope he did not give them away, he likes giving things away for free.

It was a good show, that is why I could find the derivative, because though I am an economist I keep my mind and body healthy, Tai Chi, practice my stick when I can. The economist from so called super institutions would never have found the derivative because they where always a hoax pumped up by Newsweek, and given a free run, not that they where any better, they where never real scientists, they played to the gallery.

Fighting is about spirit, science is about being true, economics could not become a science because of the hoax pulled by the media, for example Friedman’s monetary theory is wrong, even though he copied it from Hayek. Where Friedman is right, it was Hayek’s work and Adam Smiths work, when he was original he was completely wrong, but the media made him look as if Adam Smith and Hayek copied him. I know the truth is bad for one’s career but it must be told.That is why I say, I might never win a prize or award from the white society, but I have done what no economist has ever done, corrected a mathematical relationship, I tried my best to be a scientist, not a voodoo scientist or Voodoo economist for political favors, that is why I could correct the mathematical derivative, be it Canadians or whites like it or not, better suffer than sell your soul, tell the truth, no Canadian economist could ever correct the derivative. My economics is devoid of politics, sometimes when I write my papers, I feel so pissed of that I can not put politics into them, but this is a blog.

I better rescue those battle axes, I am sure he kept at least one, according to people who knew him, my father used to be a champion stick fighter, but he discouraged everything and wanted us to think only of the modern world, a pity, Jason Bartley and Earl White thanks for standing up for Zulu.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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