Monday, January 18, 2010

Change of Direction Now for Haiti

100 000 people dead, what can one say but send their sorrow out and not wish this earthquark disaster on anybody.

However looking from another perspective, Haiti and Haitians need to think to themselves, we have nothing, we can not even feed ourselves when such a disaster occurs, we look for handouts from the world, our capital city is completely destroyed we have to start again.

But we must start again on a winning path. Haiti can be rebuilt, but the direction rests on the Haitians and government of Haiti. Haiti can go back to the same old same old, the Haiti that was there before the quark, nothing worthy of admiration, everybody who could get out got out, or Haiti can say 'wait a minute, we can do something better than what we had, what we had was garbage, absolutely nothing to be proud of'.

Admitting there was nothing but people before the earthquark, will allow Haiti to build something much better. Follow the laws of knowledge and a wonderful place will be built. Disregard the laws of knowledge and Haiti will be as before, following the path of loss and loss will gladly accept them.

The government must say only the people can build a New Haiti, they must be allowed to do so, free the market and they will use their knowledge to build a new Haiti worthy of admiration not the nonsense that was there before the quark. As anybody can sell an orange, then anybody should be allowed to own a radio station, a cellphone company, a television station, a dairy plant. Haiti makes nothing, people should be allowed to purchase from anywhere on this earth what they want.

Haiti does not have diamonds or gold, they should let anybody sell diamonds and gold in Haiti, have a gold and diamond exchange. Haiti does not make cars, cars should come in from any place on earth without duties as there is no local industry to protect. Let the people be and Haiti will be something, prevent the people and Haiti will be the nothing it was before the quark, that is the reality of this world.

Discussing Haiti, a friend of mine pointed out the French made tons of money from plantations in Haiti, what is wrong with the Haitians today, its no longer slavery, soils are fertile, get on with the job, but it is all upto Haiti what they are going to do, it is at a crossroads, and the earthquark disaster might just have opened a better path as eyes are now wide open. The time is now, two years down the road, and theold ways will stick, the old ways of loss.

Freeing the people and all the good things will follow, education, the more it picks up the more people will demand edcation, healthcare can only be afforded if someone pays for it, no economy no healthcare except a clinic here and there run by the UN, all these things follow from having a sound economy.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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