Saturday, January 2, 2010

We Are Our Thoughts (Part 1)

It has been known that we are our thoughts, we are literally what we think of ourselves. We are what we conform to. This might possibly be the most important concept to understand.

When one reads the ancient Chinese text "Tao Te Ching" by Lao Tzu, in paragraph/ section 23 he says "a man of the way conforms to the way; a man of virtue conforms to virtue; a man of loss conforms to loss. He who conforms to the way is gladly accepted by the way; he who conforms to virtue is gladly accepted by virtue; he who conforms to loss is gladly accepted by loss
When there is not enough faith, there is lack of good faith."

When there is not enough faith, there is lack of good faith, if one does not believe it is all in the mind then that same mind will wreak havoc. If a society believes it needs another society for its survival then that society can not progress as it is conforming to the behavior of master and dependent syndrome, leaders of that society will gladly sell for short that societies resources. We conform to what we believe of ourselves in our heads.

Take knowledge as an example, it is there for everybody, however if one believes they cannot get that knowledge then they definitely are conforming to loss, loss will gladly welcome that society, poverty, hunger, unemployment, and lack of self esteem will eat away at that society.

We as humans all have different talents, the idea is to focus on our talents, there are those who fear they will be displaced because they have lied and said knowledge can only come from them and psychologically want other societies to conform to loss and be gladly accepted by loss whilst they plunder the world.

A society that believes in theft will lead to a situations that we see in less developed countries, where there is plain theft without replenishment, instead of just stealing the golden egg like what the elite does in the more economically developed countries, the elite in the less developed countries actually kill the goose that lays the golden egg, good examples are Burma, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Yemen, North Korea, and sadly now Iran, these societies conform to theft because that is what the elite does. And Lao Tzu has a lot to say about them.

"The great way is easy, yet people prefer by - paths.
The court is corrupt"
The corrupt court of course is referring to the government and those around the government, these being the elite.
"the fields are overgrown with weeds,
The granaries are empty"
Zimbabwe is a brilliant example of what happens when the court is corrupt, the fields are overgrown with weeds, and the granaries are empty. Did this need to be so, for a country that was once on it's way to join middle income societies. From a noble cause the fight for independence and access to land for blacks to people having ten farms. Zimbabwe's fight for independence was a noble cause, a struggle that lost it's way one can guess. Just as Iran's struggle against the American backed thief who called himself the Shah was a noble struggle, Iran should be a country at the forefront of human knowledge development, they should and deserve peaceful space program, electronic program, genetic program, but a suppressed people always fight, this should not be so.

"yet there are those dressed in fineries,
With swords at their sides,
Filled with food and drink
And possessed of too much wealth
This is known as taking the lead in robbery
Far indeed is this from the way."

The elite in the economically less developed countries take the lead in robbery that is why in most instances those societies are where they are. Those who believe in open looting conform to that way they cannot at the same time lead people down a path that respects knowledge. Be sure they are corrupt in the more developed countries, Goldman Sachs and Co receiving tax payers money to the tune of a trillion dollars, but they merely steal the eggs rather than killing the goose to get the unhatched eggs. Yes Goldman Saachs and co take the lead in robbery but they make sure tomorrow there is more to steal, let knowledge operate in a way to allow some for tomorrow.

It is time for less developed countries to conform to gain, there is enough in the world with increasing knowledge for 12 billion people without any further encroachment into wildlife, do not listen to crazies who put limits onto human potential, they are genuinely evil of the first order, their children are innocent yours deserve to die. What is still to be known is vast, mistakes to be corrected are vast we have not even begun to fully tap into the potentials of the mind, the more we take/ know, the more we realize we are just at the beginning of the knowledge journey. We as the world must conform to gain and gain will gladly accept us all, we are our thoughts, we just need to see the simple and open our minds.

Watching John Lui on "Earth Report" wonderful documentary from the BBC about the reforestation of huge parts of China and Ethiopia, if the mind wants to, if we envision it, it shall be done, we can reverse ecological damage if we want to, we have the knowledge or we will get the knowledge, necessity is after all the mother of invention. There is enough on this earth to double population if we open our minds and focus on the positive.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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