Monday, February 22, 2010

Leonardo da Vinci: was he a genius

"Leonardo da Vinci: was he a genius" this could be very well a small headline in a scientific magazine in a newly prosperous country that is not part of the West. The article would imply was he a genius, or merely a white man who had time to think and his thinking was mediocre, what is so fascinating about Mona Lisa, as for his contemporaries like Michelangelo,what is so fascinating about the statue of David, anything. This of course would be hurtful to whites, but it would be exactly what whites have done for the last 400 years to other races and in academia are still doing with greatest devoutness of the last 200 years, to minimize the contribution of others, soon their contribution will be questioned by others, and the funny thing is it would all be because of politics.

As the Western white world continues in its desires to lie and say all thought comes from them, others have seen this nonsense and know it for the lie that it is. Everyone knows that if a white westerner does not discover it, intense jealousy will eat them inside, soon other will rewrite history and claim all came from them, nobody can begrudge them, as the white westerner desires to be quoted even if they have never made a contribution to a subject matter, they desire one to lie and say the idea actually was started by a white westerner or of course in their world they will steal it and make as if it comes from them, because they have lied to themselves and think all original knowledge can only be recognized if it comes from them.

Google's battle for example with the Chinese where the US government has stepped in to defend them, no less than President Obama himself has stood up to defend these most evil of people, because according to Obama, China must make way for white global interests and therefore China must put its own interests and survival on the sideline for white interest to make a profit. Google the very symbol of all knowledge originates from a white if not we will take it and ram it down your throat that it comes from a white mind. And there is the black president running to their side, because he knows that is the attitude he must take to be able to appeal to liberals.

Leornardo da Vinci was brilliant, but the way the world works, the way the western world operates is it prudent for an African, Chinese, Indian or Cambodian to acknowledge that, maybe not, that is the reality of this world, maybe not a prudent idea to acknowledge it, but the statue of David, there are thousands of better statues, in China one finds an entire army of statues, each with a different face, the statue of David is mere child's play.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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