Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Book is Better than a Paper

I have just finished reading an economist journal from the Grand Ol USA, great journal, it keeps me in touch with the current economist lingo that is out there. A lot of the papers had absolutely nothing new to say, most talking about the economic crisis that grips the world today. One paper about 22 pages long had over 60 references. That blew my mind away, this person it means had not a single original idea, a sponge that could only say so and so said this or that, I will never know exactly what he thinks, just a mish mash of this and that guys brain, sad.

The idea of writing a paper in my point of view, my opinion, should be to get new ideas out, now when so called great institutions like Harvard and University of Chicago are afraid out of their wits of new ideas then economics will turn out in the future to be the dismal science that it was accused of being so many decades ago. Journals are not meant to be the entrance where any acquaintance can come and regurgitate what somebody else said, that defeats their purpose, there are newspapers for that. I guess fear keeps all in check, unfortunately economics is dead in the West, unless of course one refuses to think and merely regurgitates Adams Smith, Marx, Friedman, Hayek, Samuelson, but one must refuse to acknowledge heir own mind, pick up any journal.

Having said this you can not be stupid enough to ask them and pay them about the way forward.

A book is better to read because in the most part a human has space enough to let out their own thoughts, what they think rather than hat 500 other people think who he is afraid to leave out or he will not get published. I will never quote unnecessary, published yes in India and that is why Westerners steal my work because it is original, the Westerner in his great racial war of course just takes, don't send your child to Yale for knowledge, send them to Yale for connections.There are many mid sized universities where the professors are presumably humble and will therefore allow free thought not mere regurgitation for the sake of supporting their egos.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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