Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trade and The Western Whites Strange Message

Reading "Popular Science" magazine one finds an article being fearful of the conspiracy for China to rule the electric car market by mid decade.

The article is presented as if the Chinese are evil plotters, but when the Western white dominates an industry it is good, it is the natural order of things. But trade is about us giving and taking, it seems the West only supports trade when they are the only beneficiaries. On one hand we are told trade is great, on the other hand others who want to improve their lot like China are evil plotters, it's mind boggling such kind of reasoning.

Whites just need to grow up, some are, I mean millions voted for Obama, but everywhere they are usually fighting a racial war. The world should say, Western whites are plotting to dominate the world because when ever anybody does something, they feel threatened. You can not have this world it belongs to all, sorry you racists, we are all human, you are superior to nobody but yourself, you are not superior to the world, there is no Chinese conspiracy, they are just trading, suddenly that is not the way to peace, unless a Westerner dominates, you have enough, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, all places where the original owners were killed off, you have other peoples share, be happy, why want the world. Please stop being evil, stop being like google, the perfect example of Western evil. Obviously you do not want to trade with the world, unless you dominate that outcome.

Western whites have to grow up, everybody is a human, let us trade and stop being fearful of other races, otherwise, you will lose, the Westerner is the one who must win trust of the world, never the other way round.

For a black man, Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt, De Gaulle where all the same, absolute evil.

But it is time to grow up and try to act like the destiny of mankind depends on all of us, and we must all contribute where we can.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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