Sunday, August 8, 2010

Humans Must Be Evolving

If we evolved from monkeys we must be still evolving, why should evolution stop? If it has stopped then the theory of evolution is nonsense. A Kathleen McAuliffe writing for the magazine special issue from Discover entitled Origin, seems to think on the same lines. It is an interesting article but as with all these evolution stuff people will want to say they are more evolved than others then they use every trick in the book to make their statement stick. They will still ideas if those they need to say inferior, just not publish their stuff.

Kathleen however seems a pretty decent person, seems to be a pure scientist not a prank. Here is the title of her article, "Who Will We Be Tomorrow?" it starts with the caption "Humans have evolved rapidly right into modern times. But will the next set of changes evolve us away from each other?". Seemingly innocent statement, we are the same for these last hundreds of thousands of years but maybe now time for a change, biology trumped the racists who claim somehow they were endowed with superior mind power and physical power, that idea was scrapped because science and reality defeated them, no, a white non educated carpenter does not have a superior mind to a black doctor no matter what the white system says, we are all agreed that is nonsense, and Kathleen McAuliffe clearly agrees.

Then as one reads the long article one gets a to this statement, "Many scientists apparently worry that proof of divergent brain evolution could be so racially polarizing that society would almost be better off in the dark." Oh God up to the same old tricks, whose brain is developing faster, would such a person ever accept for example if a black proved that Newton was not 100% correct, of course not, some brains are evolving faster than others, one of them can proof that Newton was not 100% correct. The times are not changing. I just hope I misread the article, but I read it over again.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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