Thursday, September 16, 2010

American Poverty Rate Rises: Time for Knowledge Economics

Today must be a sobering day in the USA, and indeed in the global economic system, though not at an all time high in terms of percentages, American Poverty rates have soared. According to CNN in number terms, 43.6 million Americans are in poverty the highest number in 51 years of record keeping. As usual it is the Southern ex slave states that have the highest rate of poverty, thinking one is entitled to have somebody do things for you is never a great way to create wealth it just leaves one believing their entitled to the mind of those they see as their slaves as those must remain poor in order to satisfy their theories, however this is not the point of this article.

It is time to realize that America can not save the world, in an economic sense, or any sense for that matter, America could never save the world. It sure is nice when one hears that South Africa is going to the UN at some debate at the UN between September 23 to 30, will demand changes at the UN and the Minister International Relations and Co-operation Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane will make a case for “"We are calling for free trade, acceleration of the conclusion of the Doha (Development) Round. "We are calling for market access for African goods and services to the developed world."We are also calling for gradual, if not total, removal of agricultural subsidies from the developed world that makes it difficult for smaller countries' products to enter the developed markets," she said.”

This is great for grand standing however, why can she not call for free trade acceleration within the African context, why does she believe the West can save Africa or if the West has any desire to save Africa. The West wishes Africa was still a colony, why should they help Africa or Africans move one step forward, Newt Gingrich a popular American politician says the problem with Obama is that he is anti colonial, "Newt Gingrich has unleashed some of his most explosive language yet against Barack Obama, telling National Review Online that a "Kenyan, anti-colonial" mindset governs the president's actions, which he blasted as "authentically dishonest" and "factually insane."(Politics daily). Therefore to be accepted by a Westerner one must be pro colonial, one must accept the colonial philosophy that blacks are inferior to whites and that whites have a claim on everything black from cheap labor to black thoughts, how then does an African minister ask for anything from such, it is a sign of incredible immaturity from Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, somebody who hates you can not help you move forward. And when there is increasing poverty in their own society they will be less inclined to think of helping you, note to think of because a Westerner has never ever helped Africa or an African move forward in a genuine manner, the Westerner wants something s newt Gingrich has said, you must believe in colonialism for them to help you, you must let them exploit you for them to help you, Jacob Zuma’s minister is proving to be incredibly self deluding, Western whites will agitate until colonialism in some form is brought back, a state like Sierra Leone where now the British practically run the country, they where invited to because the blacks failed, not realizing their failures where a constant agitation by the West.

With the rising poverty levels in America, and I have been warning this on this blog for a long time, a new permanent underclass has sprung in America, this can only be stopped by stopping the export of jobs, but nobody will say this because both parties are controlled by the money elite who want to sell goods more cheaply and hence export jobs to Mexico, Thailand, etc. The idea of a free market is that we exchange useful knowledge, useful knowledge includes goods made, if one can not make goods then they should learn to create useful products, honestly if not then we will get a global disaster because people would have put money over and above people, it can not work, countries should not seek to be a source of cheap labor, but should seek to produce products, this greed fortunately has cost the west the world, the world is to be shared by all who inhabit it, true a very anti colonial sentiment because the west as Newt Gingrich has pointed out clearly wants the whole world to bow to them why, nobody knows what is going on in such a pathetic savage mind, he is a direct descendant of the savages that committed the worst genocide in history, wiping out the native Americans, such a mind can not be your equal partner, it has too much hate and loathing.

My greatest advise is countries each and every society should respect knowledge, use knowledge to produce goods and services, goods that can be used locally. President Jacob Zuma, you can not demand free trade from the world, where goods compete with each other in terms of price and quality whilst at home you do not demand free trade. Have free trade at home first, let people compete at home first, stop trying to use West as a crutch, they have already told you they hate you, and will do anything to create colonialism in one form or another, let the free market operate at home before demanding it on a global context, can any south African have a telecommunications company, can any South African open a bank, Can any South African have a cell phone license, if not do not demand it from the world. Simple.
Corporate greed has cost the USA as a society, those high poverty levels are easy to diagnose, exporting jobs, that is not trade, trade is selling a surplus, wake up, been fooled by those neo con economists they are just plain evil, trade is selling a surplus and buying what you do not have cheaper, moving production to another country is just plain greed, because it is not one world, American corporate greed has cost the world.

Bhekuzulu khumalo

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