Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Corporations have more rights than Individuals

Constitutions are based on the rights and duties of individuals within society. Today's norm in many parts of the world equate the corporation as an individual and having rights of an individual. Therefore there is the widespread belief that corporations and individuals have equal rights.

When examining this factor further, one see's that it is mostly just a lie muddy waters and governments do not want the waters to ever clear, but people know that corporations have far more rights but just can not figure out how.

Take a citizen of any western country, citizen X, he earns $35 000 a year. He takes home about $25 000 a year. From that $25 000 a year he/ she must pay for accommodation so that he is safe to get to work the next day, he must pay for food that he needs to be strong to go to work, he must pay for medical care that he needs to be healthy, he must pay for transportation that he needs to get to work.

Think about it, citizen X gets a gross income of $35 000 per year, that gross income is his revenue. Citizen X is therefore taxed on his revenue. Corporation Y on the other hand is not taxed on its revenue. From the $25 000 left citizen X must fork out transportation, food, medical care, accommodation, all things he needs in order to be able to work efficiently for corporation Y.

Corporation Y on the other hand gets to deduct transportation, medical, food as costs of doing business, whilst citizen X can not deduct these things as costs for going to work, for doing business. This lack of deductions means that on average the individual is paying more proportionately to keep society going, they can not deduct what corporations deduct. You will however get pseudo economists saying that corporations pay so much taxes proportionately, all nonsense. Individuals must be allowed to deduct costs of going to work, and two meals a day at work, then individuals are only beginning to catch up to the rights that corporations have.

I will say again, the West is a poor example of freedom, they suck human beings dry, if this is the best the world has to offer the world is in trouble, who is the brave who will give back to individuals what has been stolen from them by evil. The poor are generally just serfs, overtaxed as they are taxed on revenue, on gross, and their profits are negligible compared to their revenue if profits are what one has left over after costs. Majority of individuals are proportionately way over taxed.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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