Monday, October 25, 2010

Tax Free Savings Account, Hoax of the Canadian Government

The government of Canada is not in the business of giving breaks, be it liberal or conservative. One must remember that these governments get donations from corporations and the wealthy to campaign and get into power. Canadians have a nice way of hushing things up and pretending they never occur, but remember they are truly not to be trusted white Canadians.

Take this TFSA, tax free savings account, harper's con is that it is to give people a chance, but not so, one is limited to where they can trade, they either must by Canadian stocks, this market that is the symbol of the insider, one see's Canadian stocks surge a week before any announcement, obviously it is insider trading, but do you see anybody punished, never, this is what harper calls giving a chance, by in the stock when the insiders have already had 15% surge because they know they will get away with it, that is where the TSFA allows you to invest, to make fat lazy whites richer not because they are smart because they have information you do not have.

One can buy US shares hopefully on the Nasdaq and NYSE, but one can not purchase any shares on the entrepreneurial market, the OTC markets, simply because in this market you must do your own independent research and not in the whims of the insider trading filled Canadian exchange, that is the idea canadians having never contributed anything academically or scientifically to the world, have a huge inferiority complex they need a way to keep as many down as possible, I remember attending this conference in the USA, a lot of people interested in how there can be so many derivatives, but the canadians eyes would be shifty, filled with jealousy for their own mediocrity that they need to place every barrier they can on you, especially if the first barrier fails, you have no Canadian experience, with the internet you just send your work to other countries, and that makes them mad, why don't you accept you are stupid and meant to clean the washroom of a white is their demand, it is the same reasoning they do not want to invest in OTC market but play the loaded game with canadian market or purchase from New York or Nasdaq. But if you are not interested and in your own judgement you see OTC as better it is a no no, the government is directing one towards their friends, even if their friends are junk.

Why do Westerners and Canadians in particular all display this inferiority complex, why the desire to be needed, the world is ruined by the Western whites desire to be needed by the world, oh I am better than you, listen to me nobody else can think, it is important because a white deep inside feels so inferior to others, they like to bug them and steal from them, they like to tell people they can not judge for themselves, only a white can judge for them, disgusting.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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