Monday, November 8, 2010

Bats Sing, Mice Giggle

Thinking about a recent program by Larry King featuring karen Shanor, where she speaks about a book she wrote in collaboration with Jagmeet Kanwal. I have not read the book but I need to read it, it is entitled, Bats Sing, Mice Giggle: Revealing the Secret Lives of animals.

We as humans are over arrogant sometimes, animals do not have a secret life, for one we can study them because it is in the open, you go to a cave you find bats, but hidden from us because we did not want to know, and from listening to Karen Shanor one would expect the book to be enlightening, how bats for example navigate, how the feel the earths magnetic pulls and fields. How wild animals seem to sense an earthquake long before it happens, or with enough forewarning to try to make a good getaway from the scene.

I have always believed studying animals has a lot to teach about us, imagine if we were at peace with ourselves how much more we would develop our natural instincts, would we not too be able to sense an earthquake, some of us can sense the destruction to our environment and this has been confirmed by studies, you can not study what you can not feel, and feeling is controlled by a nagging problem of the brain, the heart will tell you there is enough oil to last another 20 000 years, that the environment will can take 100 times more punishment than what it has taken now, the heart leads to make believe, just call themselves savages so that we can fight them, just say they have weapons of mass destruction so that we can fight them before they get strong, keep them week, because in reality we are not better than them, yet the mind knows what is a lie, and knows the environment can not take too much more punishment.

Just watch animals in the wild, for those who have looked after cattle, one can see the different behavior in an abattoir than when cattle are grazing, they can sense they are about to become hamburgers, but humans too have senses that are no longer needed, cattle herding when one's throat is thirsty, they can sense when they are close to a river, they can see changes in environment. We sense a lot, spirits expand in the country, contract in the city, you can sense it, that is why we all want to vacation away from the city, in a cottage perhaps.

I think the above mentioned book will be a worthwhile read, the topic is fascinating, will look for it as soon as I can, that is called expanding knowledge, one hopes Karen collaborated with Jagmeet because jagmeet is good at what he/ she does not because she felt sorry for them and thinks she is doing him/ her a favor, never collaborate with somebody who thinks they are doing you a favor, that means you are not good enough, after all they don't really need you, you need them, tell them to get lost, collaborate with people because you appreciate what knowledge they have to offer.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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