Monday, November 29, 2010

Wiki Leakes, a Heros Job

Thanks to a brave and tireless soul, a lover of humanity we have been allowed a preview into the shadowy plans of the American elite who rule and move America. This lover of humanity dished out the goodies on the internet through Wikileaks. Hillary Clinton wrongly calls this an attack on the world, rather it is a defence of the world, the Internet is leaving to what it was created for, a defence of the world, now the western elite will clamor more vigorously for control of this medium.
So whilst the people who believed in humanity were calling for a free world, free trade, free intellectualism, the American elite where busy pretending to want these things but have been hell bent on promoting Americans over and above all of humanity. Whilst those who believe in humanity have been demanding greater cooperation, it is clear from wiki leaks that America demanded greater cooperation if they alone come out as winners and everybody else a loser, the American elite of course being the bankers, industries and big energy.

Inside the party, Erdogan's hunger for power reveals itself in a sharp authoritarian style and deep distrust of others: as a former spiritual advisor to Erdogan and his wife Emine put it, "Tayyip Bey believes in God...but doesn't trust him." In surrounding himself with an iron ring of sycophantic (but contemptuous) advisors, Erdogan has isolated himself from a flow of reliable information, which partially explains his failure to understand the context -- or real facts -- of the U.S.” Is this honest dialogue that Hillary Clinton talks of, Erdogen it is well known has introduced reforms for his people that seek to enhance freedom, for that he is a sycophant and does not understand the US. Democracy is only good if the winner “understands” what US want, not what your own people need and deserve. But it is a known fact that the West can never ever support freedom, the democracy they hide behind is a sham, what about democracy in Saudi Arabia.

Prince Torki agreed that our bilateral relations are quite strong in general. He singled out counter-terrorism as an example of the strength of cooperation, noting that Saudi Arabia enjoys a unique level of cooperation on security with the United States.” One thought America was for democracy, very hypocritical, as soon as US has no further use for Saudi Arabia, they will arm those who claim democracy, soon, next 30 years, should the world not know this Mrs Clinton, the double standards, whilst we have been clamouring for free trade, free speech, rights of individuals, the US and westerners have been undermining us at every stage, they want people they can do business with, not those who believe in freedom.

Welshman Ncube has proven to be a deeply divisive and destructive player in the opposition ranks and the sooner he is pushed off the stage, the better.” Welshman Ncube is a politician from Zimbabwe. The US has clearly come out in full support for Tsvangirayi a leader of MDC. MDC that was formed by Gibson Sibanda and Welshamn Ncube who then invited Tsvngirayi the chosen one of the US. Ncube pulled out once Tsvangirayi did exactly what Mugabe did when he was a friend of Washington and London, he decided on sidelining people from Matabeleland, these same people like Welshman who created Tsvangirayi. The US does not care that there are other people there that there are Ndebele’s there, they want somebody to do business with, howls about Mugabe only came from Washington and lOndon when he did in whites. Now Tsvangirayi missed his chance of toppelling Mugabe because he wanted to play around with people who made him what he is because he thought support from Washington is more important than dignity and freedoms of all Zimbabwean. Washington should have advised Tsvangirayi properly rather than lashing out at Ncube, so Washington is sending a clear message, damn real freedom, just have an illusion and we will do business with you, Ncube for the sake of his constituency and his people had to tell tsvangirayi exactly where to go, and he lost, yes “But I believe that the opposite is true, and that we can be justifiably proud that in Zimbabwe we have helped advance the PresidentQs freedom Agenda. The people of this country know it and recognize it and that is the true touchstone of our success here.” You advanced the agenda as far as it suited you, but a good try anyhow, you have refused to acknowledge that there were African states before arriving of whites, before arrival of Anglo Saxons, Franco’s to Africa. So whilst we believed in the USA that it believes in freedom we see the dirty hand in saying Mugabe must be toppled at all cost, why should Ncube support Tsvangirayi when Tsvangirayi is behaving exactly like Mugabe, no, no, and no again why swap one dog with fleas for another dog with fleas, Is this what Clinton calls an attack on the international community, no, this is saving the international community prove once and for all what you are.

Lavrov cautioned that Russia did not perceive Iran in the same way as the U.S. Iran for Russia was"much more than a country which might cause concern in the international community." Russia opposed Iran getting a nuclear weapon, because Russia did not want any more "members of the nuclear club," but Iran and Russia were historical and traditional partners and neighbours, with a "rich bilateral agenda."” Having no qualms with Iran of course upsets the US, they want Russia to have a problem with Iran, Iran the only country in the Middle East with Elections, would love to see a demonstration in Riyadh, or Yemen, obviously this will never happen, but we know from History that once an Anglo Saxon has an upper hand he will fight tooth and nail, but what do they fear when surely inferiors like Iran can never make an atomic bomb, is it because the technology does not come from a Frenchie or Anglo Saxon, there is no freedom when people need permission from an Anglo Saxon to think, that is not freedom, when we need permission to read and write, it is not freedom to believe IVY Leagues universities are the source of knowledge, it is not freedom to lie to oneself and say they can not do it and it does not matter what America says, we can exist on your goodwill, were the world must leave by your favour, leave people who are not a threat to you alone. So diplomacy will be spent convincing Russia and China that Iran is a threat to the world, whose land did they still, who did they colonize. We want more freedom in Iran not an Iran that will be under siege and have a siege mentality, there are no more native Americans, they are extinct, is that the way people go if they want their freedom.

The bravest and most noble soul released these documents, the world must thank him, see evil with your eyes, see the snake in action.

Is it wrong for us to know that the US has caused the deaths of 66 000 Iraqi civilians, if you are not white your blood is worth nothing, is this an attack on the international community, or telling people to wake up, whilst we are busy discussing freedoms for the world, free trade for all to benefit, the US is out to undermine freedoms at all costs, they have put business way ahead of the rights of humanity, 66 000 Iraqi civilians so that some fat cat in America or UK can have free money and Forbes will tell us he has talent, Ncube is divisive solely in order that Rio Tinto can mine whilst people are buried alive, Saudi Arabia is a symbol of freedom and a great ally, a country with no rights, so that Exxon can make billions. That is what Hillary Clinton calls freedom, would Obama ever say others peoples blood is as important as white blood.

Bhezulu Khumalo

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