Monday, February 21, 2011

Governments are involved in Progress

Obama's government will put $126 million for next generation computers. Obviously the US government believes these are important for the future of America. It is money, but not a lot, insignificant, but the point is governments are always involved no matter what the philosophy of that country is. Who ever believes Bush that less government is the way forward, just look at the record for Republicans and Democrats, obviously the bigger liars are Republicans because they always say less government, the bigger fools are those who believe the credo of Republicans when they are in opposition that they want less government, that is a fool.Anyhow it does not matter, everywhere in North America middle class being destroyed, well done money, smile India and China, a gift, the world, from American greed.

Am I for this government spending, as a knowledge economist, progress of knowledge always puts a smile on my face. Read the story at computer world.

Computerworld - WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama has included funding in his 2012 budget proposal for development of the next generation of supercomputers, an exascale system.

The money is going to the U.S. Department of Energy, which has led in developing the world's fastest computers.

If Congress approves Obama's request,...continue

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