Monday, May 16, 2011

Are There too Many Black People

Once again there is the debate being discussed about the need to reduce the African population, a debate that has been there since the beginning of colonialism. Why would one suggest that there are too many blacks as the recent program on BBC radio suggested appropriately entitled "Should Africans have fewer babies?"

One starts of life innocent and then see the reality with time, Africans place according to a doctrine that suggests there are too many blacks is to be thought for by whites, with whites saying give us resources.

The question of too many blacks does not bother China, India, Japan, Vietnam, or Brazil for instance, it bothers the western intellectuall, a question driven by fear, fear for the same reason why one can not find a chocolate bar in Canada, USA, France made in Ivory Coast. The fear seems strange from people who talk of unity of humanity, obviously with whites running the show. continue...


Andy said...

article in fit quite interesting to read so that adds new knowledge to my

Anonymous said...

Blacks having three times as many babies as Whites is their way of taking over America through thuggery.



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