Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Failed Black Ivy League Scholar

What is liberty, what is the basic premise of liberty? The basic premise of liberty is that every human being is just that, a human being. You are a liar if you support segregation and say you are a supporter of freedom.

America has one distinction to me that other countries will never have, it has many people who are black that gave something back to civilization, a new thought, a new idea, no other country has that. All these countries that criticize the grand old US of A for racism are in reality hiding their own dark secrets. True Trayvon Martin was shot, after the shooter was told by the cops, leave it alone we are coming, the shooter was found innocent, he stood his own ground after the cops told him leave it alone, but he had the itch to confront a black doing nothing to him, to prove his manhood, looking for a fight, go to Harlem by yourself Zimmerman and confront people and prove your manhood.

But having said that America is easily the least racist country, its a power so it is always under scrutiny. Please read further and understand. Brazil is half the population having black blood, what can blacks achieve there besides soccer, nothing, true, blacks are athletic, but even under heavy racism, blacks in America can be inventors, can bring new thoughts to the world. Canada boasts of having an underground railway freeing blacks from America during slavery, whatever happened to those blacks,  they got sandy land in the East of Canada, white society refused to hear anything from them after that. What black in France has ever invented anything, none, if there are we have never heard of them, but we have heard of them in America.

None of those black inventors though came from any of the Ivy League universities, they came from what is now called historically black universities, why is this? This is because these blacks where themselves, they believed in the dream of America, that you will be recognised for what you contribute, this American dream of course is promised by Canada and Western Europe, but there it is only lip service. A Canadian or West European, don’t even talk of a Brazilian white, would freak if a black discovered something, because it is only talk, they still deep down in their hearts see a black as somebody who should mop the floors for them and say a black should be happy, but they have room for a certain black, the black who went to their elite institutions, a Rhodes scholar even better, why is this?

This is because a black who went to their elite schools knows how to use the proper spoons and forks. These blacks are so interested in not being themselves, they want to be chairman, managing director of a Western corporation, that all their energy is wasted in being accepted instead of having an original mind, instead of contributing anything worthwhile to the material progress of humanity. They are far from the smartest blacks, but they are the blacks the establishment feel comfortable with. These blacks hate liberty, they believe in fitting in as the most important thing. These blacks will hate a black with an original thought more than a white, because they see that black as a threat to them. But these are the blacks that the Western establishment is comfortable with. What has a Rhodes scholar black ever contributed to the advancement of humanity, to new knowledge, absolutely zero, but they have the best jobs, best of everything that the white world can offer.

So a black scientist or Lawyer from Harvard or Oxford will be hired at the fall of a coin, but the black scientist or lawyer from a black background who discovers things will have to explain themselves until the white thinks he can hold a spoon like a white, the knowledge is secondary to holding the spoon in the same manner as a white. This is exemplified by countries like Canada, Brazil, and Western Europe. Therefore discovering something for a black is secondary to holding a spoon in the manner whites want, yet America truthfully can allow this to pass, we see black inventors and scientists who have discovered in the USA, I have never heard of any from the Ivy League universities.

Though West in general talks of a united world, in actions they despise that idea, no Canadian mathematician for example has discovered anything, but a black who does will be despised by all those mathematicians and economists, why is this, it is hypocrisy and envy. Because Canada expects blacks who do not know how to hold a spoon like a white to use mops, to show they can think is unfair to all the other whites who hold a spoon in a certain manner. They think they are protecting whites from the rest of humanity, it would be so disgusting in the minds of Canadians, Brazilians, Mexicans, Western Europeans that blacks are just human beings, the very thought will turn their stomachs that a black can conceive of something never known to humanity, but they will speak and shout from the top of the hill about liberty, and freedom. But in America one sees blacks being recognized for original thought, you do not see that in Brazil, Mexico, Europe or Canada, because they want blacks from their elite institutions, who know how to hold a spoon like a white.

Therefore by simple evidence, a black has better opportunities in America, for example, I discovered, and numbers don’t lie, a number series can never lie, it is there always there waiting to be discovered, I showed how you can’t treat variables all the same because of dimensions, I am an economist by training. My papers are all published in America, and India. Though a Canadian has never done the same it must be hush hush therefore mathematics is the universal language unless a black speaks that same language, fools thinking only they can think. If I was say Friedman and discovered the same thing, peoples ears would be sore from hearing how an economist discovered a true number system, if I was Krugman the ear drums would have burst, but I am not them, but at the least in America it can be published, those black Ivy League black economists just take orders and have a career, with no new thought, just money from knowing how to hold a spoon like a white. The whites themselves get disappointed as they handpicked these blacks to sell something, but that something is not liberty and freedom.

Black Ivy League students, black Rhodes scholars have in every sense of the world failed to progress mankind, they have failed to discover anything, only glorified for knowing how to eat with a spoon like the Whiteman sitting next to them. They will never support liberty, they will never understand the concept of freedom, they will always just understand looking down on fellow blacks, because they know they are a con, just regurgitated text books with no mind of their own. A con hates freedom, freedom exposes them, at best they will be chairman of companies built by somebody else, too busy imitating how to hold the spoon, no time for original thought.

Now before you attack me think, open your mind and understand what has just been said. Basically an institution of learning is just bricks and mortar for blacks and for white, you want freedom, first understand that 2 + 2 = 4 at Wyoming, Arizona, Seattle, Morehouse, Spelman, Harvard, Oxford and Yale. If you can not understand, forget about understanding liberty, if you think a 4 from Rwanda is inferior to a 4 from Harvard, forget liberty and freedom, the concept is too deep for you.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo



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