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Time: Stop Stealing Humanities Time

If you are breathing you have been born, and you shall surely die, this is obvious but very real. We have a certain amount of time allocated to us on this earth, that time is yours given to you by the very act of being born. That time should be sacred to you. It is only in that brief time that you will ever experience being human, being flesh and having a mind that thinks.

Imagine in the past, in the era of serfdom, feudalism, and the divine right of kings and aristocracy. In this era, the kings and aristocracy in most circumstances where far removed from the ordinary people, the aristocracy and those connected to them had time to follow their whims, study, investigate, read literature, and everything was provided for them. The serfs by law had to serve the aristocracy, grow the food for them, keep a pittance that was taxed, remember aristocracy paid no taxes, state raised money by taxing the poor, that is why legends like Robin Hood arose, Robin Hood was a direct result of inequality before the law. That is a sad fact that Ayn Rand never understood, she was a great story teller but never understood why Robin Hood came into existence, he was stealing from the rich because the serfs were not allowed to become rich by law and had to pay taxes with the little they had.

What essentially was happening in the era of serfdom's and feudalism? The protected class where not only having more rights than the peasants by law, and by circumstances of birth, a peasant could never for example aspire to be a knight, even if they where braver, more skilled than one born into that class, they would at best be allowed to serve the less talented knight. The so called upper class was in all manner of speaking stealing the time of those who served them, made it illegal for them to compete with them even if they were better. The time was stolen so that the aristocracy could get more done whilst the serf could never achieve much as he/ she had to use their time to serve the aristocracy, this was by law punishable by death in many circumstances.

This concept is the same as slavery. No matter how talented a slave, they had no choice but to give their time to whoever owned them, and a slave owner of course would never want the slave to realize their true potential, they would plot against the master. That is why slave masters always talked about slaves being naturally inferior but deep down knew they were just human beings, hence the need to make sure slaves never went to school, or education was just enough to serve the master.

Over time the values of liberty and freedom where understood but never fully applied. In essence, liberty and freedom is the right to use your time in the manner you see fit in experiencing this human existence. If that knight is not skilled enough then they must lose that knighthood and allow the former peasant to be the knight. The free market essentially says human beings should by right be free to use their time as they see fit. Stop protecting the unfit because they are born in a manor from protection. Humans where not born to be forced to serve the less talented, humans where born to be human, use their minds to the fullest extent if desired.

When humans are allowed to use their allocated time in the best manner that they see possible society as a whole benefits, humanity as a whole benefits. The banker who is good will get more clients and be trusted, but when feudalism enters into the fray, the government will bailout the less talented blocking the way for the more talented. The better manufacture will get clients, but where there are no free markets, people’s choice will be limited by tariffs and customs duties. Where human beings are the better mathematician, they will be allowed to speak about what they have discovered instead of being blocked by institutions that are financed by governments, “so called institutions for the people”, where the mathematics professors are paid loads of money and have never discovered anything eaten by jealousy, and envy, read Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead to understand these people, who want their betters to never be recognized, so that their betters give up and they choose who advances mankind, they choose the less talented that they control, and give their less talented awards to fool society and control society through those less talented, we all know what is going on, but think of it in more clear terms, they are stealing humanities time.

If you are familiar with Ayn Rand’s book, “Fountainhead”, you should by now understand that they were trying to steal Howard Roark’s Time because he was smarter than them and a far better architect than them, envy ate the hearts of Roark’s enemies, enemies he did not even know he had as he believed it is about doing your best not making social alliances, he believed one’s works should speak for themselves. They wanted to steal his time and make him serve society in a manner far less than what he was capable doing, real enemies of freedom.

Time, a very deep concept. Albert Einstein’s most famous paper was about relativity, that time is relative, understand this and understand what truly is happening in serfdom, in places where the free market is not allowed to operate one will understand what truly stealing time is. Imagine there are two human beings A and B. They are both born on the same day and die on the same day. They have equal abilities. A is born in a system that allows him to fully realize his potential, he discovers a scientific principle, gets grants and advances it. B resides in a system that talks freedom but is actually a feudal state. He discovers a scientific principle, is blocked from ever presenting it because of not being socially connected, those who read his theory fear the repercussions of accepting that B discovered something they did not after always claiming some are born superior, B never gets the chance to speak about his theory and never gets the chance to advance it. What in terms of time has happened concerning A and B.

Remember we are talking about relativity and time. A has been allowed to fully utilize his time on earth, so we must understand what has happened to B relative to A. B had the potential of achieving as much as A but could not because he was not allowed. Therefore for B, time went faster than A, as they die at the same time but A in his allocated time has done more than B. Given the societal conditions B found himself time went too fast and could not achieve as much as A.

Not acknowledging original thoughts of others is the same as stealing their time because you are effectively saying that their mind was yours, that they had no right to have an original thought, and that idea belonged to you because you are somehow more deserving, absolute evil.

The peasant in serfdom has his time going too fast for him to fully utilize his potential as he is only allowed to serve those who consider themselves above him, the aristocrats. For those allowed to do, time moves much slower in relation to the serfs time. For the serf things are always the same, for those he serves time moves slower as they are able to achieve so much more per unit of time.

The free market, property rights, and equality before the law ensure people do not steal the time of other humans for their own benefit.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo
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