Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Comply or die: Eric Garner and philosophy of power

On the unfortunate day that Eric Garner died, he expected to be alive, he just wanted to expose to the world through a simple video how evil big government is, harassing him everyday. His death has robbed the world of the message he originally wanted to share, that the system was choking him, hindering, even though he had nothing. The system wanted him to have nothing unless he complied with everything the system demanded, paying taxes for at times selling a single cigarette.
Eric Garner decided that day to show the world his plight against this massive regulatory system that fights against his freedoms. By trying to expose evil, Garner paid the ultimate prize, he lost his life.
As fate would have it the death of Garner has hit two nerves and both equally painful for the victims, lack of freedom and racism. The two should never be confused, defeating racism is not gaining freedom, it is at best winning legal right to be considered a citizen. The question of freedom is answered by the question are the citizens free, not being a slave is part ways towards freedom. Being a citizen does not guarantee freedom.
Garner, the lone wolf, was saying that although he is no longer a slave but a citizen having rights, including the right to vote, by doing a harmless activity like selling loose cigarettes, big government harasses him everyday, one of few ways available to him to put bread on the table. Garner is said to have been breaking the law as big government needs taxes for its many programs.
War and armies are big costs. In good times Eisenhower warned about the military industrially complex, the largest government program. This program as well as others all need taxes to finance them. Times are now bad and going to get worse, hope will not make wages rise, real incomes for most have fallen since the 60's, now even the common man is worried about government spending and regulations that come with large government. It is a problem when the likes of Garner die for not complying. Big government always requires regulations and means of enforcing regulations, cops are there to enforce government regulations, if one does not comply there is punishment given out.
Had Garner survived the stand against the police who were making sure all comply with government regulations, the YouTube video of his stance would have been seen by at most perhaps 1 000 people and only those with a libertarian stance would have felt for him. But Garner did not survive, he died telling the police "I can't breath." Here is another black male being killed by the instruments off the state.
Pent up emotions have risen up, the whole black community feels that it "can't breath." Except for those blacks of course like Morgan Freeman who believe as life was generous to them there is no racism. Most blacks believe more often than not they are treated unfairly, why the marches all over the world with words "I can't breath." Events trigger emotions when enough is enough. It is not about Mike Brown, it is about the community. Eric Garner the cigarette on all moral grounds did not have it coming, Eric Garner the black man like all other common black man has taken enough, he definitely did not deserve what happened to him.
As he died with what has become a slogan, he was figuratively speaking for the whole community, blacks feel they can not breath. A black male must work three times as hard just for same recognition as a white. Union bosses even though claiming equal treatment always treat whites better and give them first opportunity. Promotions always take so much longer in the office. Always people trying to imply because of your skin color you are not good enough. To be accepted must hate your own, accept you are not like those other blacks you are like a white.
How can entire people just give up, look at the inner city, the chaos is giving up, societies demands of comply to impossible demands wore most blacks out. Blacks have done everything to be accepted women have their hair like whites, blacks have given up their minds believing whites must give approval of something for it to be true, yet still this is not enough, it creates resentfulness. After all this, black wealth is nothing compared to white wealth on average. Imagine having to work three times as hard and be considered lazy working twice as hard. What about when something goes missing, always same question did you see who took that, are you sure? Black is always the thief.
On a personal note I have done more than Stephen Hawking, he has discovered no principle of the universe just a cripple who tried, do not feel sorry for him ask him what he has achieved. Hallmark of a scientist is to discover and prove not to get a fancy Phd, we do but somehow I have not complied enough to white supremacy, I can't even put out an editorial in science magazines, the black mans place is below a white, that is how to rob a people. Stop cowering, if some Harvard professor had discovered that material behaves differently according to dimensions they would be scientist of the year, run from those liberals, they are dangerous.
 The same people will send money to Africa claiming it is to help with black education, blacks are being conned by the powers that be. It was always a con meant to deny black people yet for ever try and act to young blacks look we build schools for you, whilst decimating those blacks with original thought. Of course planned along time ago with the likes of liberal and CFR President Jimmy Carter endorsing worst forms of racism  to keep blacks poor with his national security council.
Having children one gets to watch channels like Disney, shows like Austin and Ally. Austin many times sings black hip hop inspired music especially from the 90's. Yet twice Austin's music was stolen by blacks, have not seen an episode when whites steal his music. It is not so much about the music, who cares if he copied a black style sometimes, everybody copies everybody its an honor to be copied, what hurts is the implication that blacks only steal music from this Austin character, they keep on telling lies, so much for a colorless world.
Nobody can get the black people to prosperity except the conscious efforts of black people together they break this social chokehold. Irrational demands lead to irrational results, that is why few of us who believe in black potential are libertarian, we try not to hate but understand humans to be great must willingly work together, get out of the black mans way.
We need to remember the words of Bob Marley, "we will survive in this world of competition because no matter what they do natty keep on coming through," understanding that free completion is highest form of collaboration.  RIP Garner, dying like a dog for freedom,to feed his family.
Bhekuzulu Khumalo 

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