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Economics is a Science: Invoking Information

Economics is a science because it studies the flow of information. Economics studies commodified information. Goods and services are nothing but commodified information. Economics deals in huge parts with the extraction of information and turning that extracted information into a commodity. This and only this is the reason why economics is a science.  Knowledge is nothing but information known to us. Goods and services are created by the knowledge we know.

A commodity like wheat or a car, in a strictly economic sense a car is a commodity, commodities are just information that has been commodified. All information has the same basic characteristics in behaviour, be that information wheat, a car, be that information, a particle, an element, a molecule, a galaxy, all information behaves basically the same.

Since all information behaves the same, same at the depth that you can extract information, thus understand information in more detail, science is basically the extraction of information. What makes information extractable is common to all information.

Information comes in "packages", there can be no such thing as a fraction of a package. Though all information is a package, at the end of the day, it is all just information, that is why people fantasize about being in a hologram or controlled by machines, there must be an original "source code" so to speak, the original source code that allowed all this to be, original particle, a basic particle is something that cannot be divided no more, but in reality all packages are the same, you break up an element it is no longer that element, therefore that element is in itself a sort of basic particle in this sense, you break up anything it is no longer that thing meaning it can not be broken up.

You break up a car, it is no longer a car, you can call it a broken car, but it will not be a car, just scrap metal a different information package than a car.

All Information behaves the same. Economics studies that part of information that is commodified information, commodified knowledge. Economics studies the flow and characteristics of such information.

Economics like all sciences endeavours to find better techniques and methodology to go into its very depths. This however can only be done by extracting more and more information, that is why it is a science. The mere act of carrying out experiments does not make anything a science, experimenting with all proper methodology to look for ghosts of past humans is not a science, does that experimentation lead to the extraction of information?

Having established economics is a science we can play around with philosophy understanding that economics deals with knowledge and knowledge is information. Now understanding information, that basic information is a basic particle, we can ask ourselves some few philosophical, philosophical, not scientific questions. We have dealt with the scientific questions above.

Now today's quantum mechanics interpretation, hopefully it will be proved wrong in the future, is that a particle is controlled by a mind, and eventually that a particle has the ability to be timeless, meaning humans willed this earth by controlling a particles journey what seemingly was billions of years ago but reality is that  it is all timeless. If that is so, let us ask ourselves a serious question. If our minds controlled in such a way, then we must ask ourselves who created who, the man created the car, or did the car create the man. This is a serious question that goes to the core of the question of time, dimensions, as well as our existence with our present perceptions. Humans believe this world was created for them, what if robots will one day think like that because of sophisticated software. There is much more information to extract. :-)

Why economics is a science: information the grand unifier - paper to be published in 2016.

20 Nov 2016

One can read the paper here, Why Economics is a Science: Information the Grand Unifier

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dev theron said...

Everything economically revolve around thought. To keep the fires of technology burning, thought need to be fueled. Everything that is needed to fuel the engines that thought create is valuable. To think we all need water and food. These items should be the most valuable. The reason why it is not, is simply because plants evolved a way to feed our bodies. They made it consciously possible that their survival, is our survival. So I can agree with you that information is what fuel the economy. But it be s thought that generate information. The rich is those that can provide services. The poor is the victims. They are their own situation. The dogs bark, but the caravan move on!



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