Sunday, February 5, 2017

Wind Powered Train

source: wikipedia commons

 The picture below shows a windmill in general. This windmill is used to generate power.

The blades of the windmill have an initial shaft/ sometimes called slow shaft that is connected to a gearbox. 

The gears are designed in such a way that the shaft connected to the generator spins much faster than the initial shaft, the generator produces electricity and can be connected to a grid or a battery.

Below is an electric train, it could also be a diesel train, the type of train does not matter what we are after is using less fossil fuels and creating less emissions. 

The front view of the train looks like below, it could be diesel, or electric collecting power from a third rail, or it collects power from a pantograph. 

Below is a diagram of a controlled wind jet on side of train, this controlled wind turns blades/ a wind turbine. 

The wind turbines are attached to a gearbox through retractable shaft, through an initial shaft and then connected to a generator that produces electricity that is stored in a battery. This batter depending on design can be used to power lights or the train itself aiding the diesel train or the electric train meaning it is drawing less power from the grid. The shaft is retractable because the whole system needs to be retractable and allowed to come out when train hits a viable speed so that there is enough wind to turn the blades or in case a train is going through a tunnel that is not wide enough, or once battery is fully charged there is no need to generate more power. This will add distance for train if it is diesel, add distance to train if it is powered by lithium batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. 

The train with fins is shown below, be it diesel, uses lithium batteries, hydrogen fuel cells or a pantograph. 

The turbines can be added to the top of the train.

When added to the top the view of the train looks like below.

Forget about patents, who can afford looking after one, enjoy the mind. Now if you are a scientist not a politician you will understand that the power of this can be equivalent to a windmill generator that powers into megawatts, depending on how much space of a train car one is willing to take, it is not size of the turbines, its speed of the rotation of shafts, wind could make a train never needing power from the grid or fossil fuel as battery can always be charged. That is a reality. :-D

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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