Thursday, February 1, 2018

Obama and Total Failure of African American Politicians

There is a photo going around  Facebook amongst black Facebook communities with JAY Z surrounded by a bunch of artists and celebrities, and many people saying a billion dollars around them yet black society is still down and how selfish these black celebrities are. There was a time perhaps a decade back when a white asked Oprah why doesn’t she help the black community she has enough money. To call black celebrities selfish in this manner is a lack of understanding of how society operates.

I am no great fan of Jay Z, that use of the word nigga is disrespectful and taking blacks for cheap faeces, I have no love for Oprah, incidentally it was Jay Z who first opened my eyes about Oprah, she never once cared for blacks, never tried to help them on her show, years later I would find out she refused to put Sophia Stewart on here show at her most desperate hour, these whites had made billions from her work and refused to give her credit, but is it the role of a celebrity to uplift black society financially? Why are white celebrities not expected to uplift white society financially, this is a phoney argument, let us look at reality as it really is, not as we wish.

A society is made up of individuals, each individual has a purpose to fulfil, and they will fulfil it if they attempt to. A slave calling for riots and is killed has not failed, their purpose was to call for riots and burning of the evil enslaver. A footballer’s purpose is to be the best footballer they can be, a boxers purpose is to be the best boxer they can be, an artist is to be the best artist they can be, a doctor job is to cure people, that is the purpose of being a doctor. An economist must show how the economy works, an artist is to be an artis, you expect a journalist to be honest, that is a journalists role unless they are compromised and think of fancy cars over and above the truth.

One cannot fulfill their role unless they accept they are an individual and have specific potential within them as self, as I, as me, talents unique to the self and use their talents, by merely using those talents they are being part of society, that’s why through the ages great minds have talked of the right of the individual.

The role of a bank is to circulate money around society and hopefully be intuitive enough to get the loan back plus interest. Business thrives with these institutions always ready to give a loan for something viable. A bankers’ role is thus to ensure money circulates in society to what their experience tells them will give them a return, the more capital a bank has the larger the risks it can take. A bank is a pool of capital for the community, what specifically has happened in America and particularly to the African American banks.

Over the last nearly century and a half there have been economic crises, in an economic crises banks come under heavy strain, as a believer in liberty I would say they should get no help, but the reality is Washington has been bailing them out for nearly a century and a. half. Though black banks have existed all this time, only Anglo Saxon and Jewish banks have been bailed out, meaning after every crises Anglo Saxon and Jewish banks would regain their strength and  help their communities, whilst the black banks never got a bailout. Thus Anglo Saxon business and Jewish business no matter the crises always had access to capital, but black business capital pool would always shrink as they got nothing from Washington. The key word is Washington, the political capital of America, Anglo Saxon and Jewish banks have been saved all along by the political process, not by celebrities, it has all been a SCAM to starve the African American from capital, and after each crises black business has less and less access to capital.

It is not talent that Anglo Saxon and Jewish communities are thriving, it has been access to capital, access to FREE MONEY from Washington over a century and a half. It is a pure political issue. In 2008 Obama became President of the great United States, what did he do, the first thing was to save the Anglo Saxon and Jewsih banks so that those communities have access to capital, and he did what every white President has done, ensured the destruction of the capital pool for African Americans even though they ignorantly cheered him on, he changed nothing, but black pundits keep saying oh he saved the economy, and this and that, but there will be another down turn, the African banker will be too weak to distribute money to his community, the final nail in the coffin delivered by a black man, OBAMA.

If Obama spoke at all for the welfare of the African American economy he would have said, sure I agree to give trillions of dollars to the Anglo Saxon and Jewish banks so that they help their communities, but as an African American 1% should go to African American banks, the gutless fool couldn’t even do that, thus African Americans must wait last in line until the most stupid Anglo Saxon and Jew is taken care off before they get a job, because their financial institutions are too weak to care for black business. So yes a black created a car manufacturing plant, but after a crises, no Anglo Saxon or Jewish banker was going to lend them money, they are not part of that community, to own a business and hire thousands of blacks, no Anglo Saxon or Jew is going to agree to such independence. They want to control that’s why Washington and surprisingly even under Obama wanted to achieve. It has been achieved.

This starvation of capital has meant that though Anglo Saxon’s and Jews have received enormous amounts of FREE MONEY, even the most talented black must go hand and cap to them to do an answer will usually be no, the black politician failed to talk for black financial community, the first thing an Anglo Saxon or Jewish politician thinks of, that is survival for a community, and with that free money they come showing off and writing in media they own how talented they are, it is not talent, their politicians spoke for them, OBAMA AS President failed to speak and act, as PRESIDENT he could act for the AFRICAN AMERICAN Financial community, a total failure. A politicians job is to talk for the community, not, win, at the least open your bloody mouth for their survival, Obama like Trump thinks the black community is thriving under white control and blacks must control nothing no matter how talented.

Stop blaming celebrities and look at reality. The African American politician has failed the lifeblood of that society, but they cheer the free condoms from Obama,, you are too many stop reproducing.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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