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Quantum Magnetism Experiment: Everything is in a Relationship and the Khumson

Experiment refined from discussion in LinkedIn, to make it more solid and remove doubt.

Experimental evidence points out to everything being made up of the same stuff. When one is talking about everything, they are including particles, all particles are made up of the same stuff. Particles are different relationships of the same stuff. The amount and configuration of this same stuff determines the mass and characteristics of the particle.

This was explained in the paper “The Algorithm of Information and the Origin of Basic Particles”. In the sun a relationship between 2 protons because of the intense conditions we get neutrinos. That means the protons and neutrinos are made up of the same stuff. Also, there can be a relationship between protons and electrons that result in neutrinos. This means protons, electrons, and neutrinos are all made up of the same stuff. This was predicted mathematically. 

Like Charles Darwin, one looks for more evidence. One starts with the first principle that everything is in a relationship and all relationships need energy to maintain leading to a loss of freedom and structure. Particles are different relationships of the same stuff, this is clear in particle colliders like at CERN. When neutrons collide into each other a myriad of particles come out of the collision, they must all be made up of the same stuff.

What is a magnet, does it defy everything else out there in existence, it should be made up of the same stuff as the source? This is the primary reason for the experiment. However, the experiment goes further than answer is everything in a relationship, it suggests the magnet is the same as everything else, a discrete phenomenon, nothing is continuous except in pure mathematics.

The experiment has a control, the control is in the illustration below.


We induce a magnetic field and measure it at points A and B. We also manage the electric current that is being used to induce the magnetic field, that is why there is a current meter. This is done so we can have an accurate experiment as possible, this is merely the control experiment. The experiment must use the same amount of current to induce the magnetic field. This is so that we can learn as much as possible with least expense.

The experiment itself is identical to the control experiment except that everything happens in a vacuum using the same amount of current to induce the magnetic field. The mere presence of the magnetic field now means that the magnetic field has to be made up of the same stuff as where it emanates from. The same stuff that makes up the proton, neutrons, and electrons that encompass the material that can induce an artificial magnetic field due to a current being induced. The magnetic field is a result of the current affecting the atoms of this material to release something that can only be made of the same stuff as them, unless there is some unknown phenomenon out there.

Just like what is happening in the sun, proton to proton relationships can lead to neutrinos as well as proton electron relationships can lead to neutrinos. It is either protons, electrons and neutrinos are made up of the same stuff and in right conditions we get neutrinos, just like in right conditions we get a magnetic field when we induce an electric current. The protons, electrons, and neutrinos are made up of the same stuff unless we are willing to pretend there is some boogey thing out there we do not know. Nothing is coming from another dimension. Neutrinos and the magnetic field are not coming from other dimensions. 

The difference between the neutrino and the magnetic field is that the source of energy that creates the relationships that end up in an artificial magnetic field is not enough for the magnetic field to break free from its source. Neutrinos break of from their source. We can say any phenomenon we find that does not have enough energy to break from its source as some type of magnetic force.

The experiment is illustrated below.

The strength of the magnetic field at A and B should be equal or more than control experiment because of the lack of interference. There should be different levels of the magnetic field at A and B, different amounts of the same thing that creates the magnetic field, we will call this discrete phenomenon a khumson.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo



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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Quantum Magnetism: The Basics, is it Independent, Speed and Mass

One must understand first that everything is information. It all has the same basic characteristics such as:

                      • Discrete

                      • Independent

                      • Can be categorized

                      • Consistent (why it is important to understand logic)

                      • Can be used to compute

There is a dilemma in quantum mechanics, in a nutshell when we observe basic information like basic particles, we interfere, we interfere because we will be in a relationship with them. Everything is in a relationship that is what is going on. Every relationship requires energy to maintain this gives the relationship structure and a loss of freedom for things involved in those relationships.

Thus, we are in a relationship when we observe, it’s not like one is using their naked eye, basic particles are the smallest things that we observe, powerful electronic instruments allow us to observe them. It has nothing to do with consciousness. If it had anything to do with consciousness how do we know the results when we do not interfere, our minds will be on the experiment. It is the physical interference required to observe, our naked eyes can not observe. In a relationship we are part of the structure of that relationship, we cannot separate ourselves from that structure, imagine how complicated it is about to get that we know all particles are made up of the same stuff.

Everything being in a relationship means one understands that everything is made up of the same stuff. At first it was thought it was basic particles, but understanding that everything is in a relationship, looking at neutrinos and how they are created in stars as well as what is going on in colliders, all particles are made up of the same stuff, we have called this stuff konke, meaning everything in isiNtungwa. If one wants to understand deeper they can read the paper “The Algorithm of Information and the Origin of Basic Particles” that can be found at this link

What is a magnet, what is magnetism? What is this phenomenon given that everything is information as well as everything being in a relationship, it is all made up of the same stuff? We must ask the most basic question around magnetism, how does it behave in a vacuum. Does it move, does it have measurable mass, it’s mere artificial inducement in a vacuum means that everything is made up of the same stuff as we know the source of the wave, the mere fact that it wasn’t there before in a vacuum and when we switch on the current it exists confirms this.

A simple paper is designed in the paper “Magnetism: Entanglement, Magnetism as Discrete, Quantum Computing Solutions?” that can be found here:

It’s existence confirms that everything is in a relationship and is made up of the same stuff. For the magnet to exist in that vacuum means it is made up of the same stuff that it emanates from.

The figure below, “Information from Experiment” shows a simple experiment, could be from the beginning of the twentieth century the set up. It speaks for itself, We desire to know the basics of the magnetism. When the current is switched on, the material that is potentially magnetic should become magnetic. It should attract the material that is potentially magnetic. The most important thing about this experiment is that if the magnetic field is confirmed, as this is a vacuum, it means it can only exist from our actions of inducing a current, meaning this inducement of a current allows an independent phenomenon to exist that is made up of exactly the same stuff as the stuff that makes up the current and the potential artificial magnet.

Having confirmed that the magnetic field is made up of exactly the same stuff as the current and the potential material that can be magnified, it can only emanate from their interaction, we can do the usual basic quantum mechanic verifications.

The usual quantum verifications, we have a scale, does magnetism have any measurable mass? The speed of the field can and must be verified. A speed less than that of the speed of light means it has more measurable mass than light.

The figure below, “Complete Information”, we can do further tests. Given that the magnetic wave moves it allows us to understand other quantum phenomenon more precisely. If we put a barrier between the potential artificial magnet and the material potentially attracted to magnet, we can study quantum tunnelling, the magnetic wave tunnels like other waves.

Studying different materials, and the interaction of magnetic wave with different materials we can understand tunnelling better. 1 mm of paper will have a different than 1 mm of quartz crystal, understanding the different interactions, different relationships we can understand quantum tunnelling far more precisely.

By looking at speed we can look at frequency, surely frequency of a man-made magnetic field will be different from the natural field. Different frequencies suggesting different types of qualities of energy even if same quantity. We look at frequencies and quantum tunnelling

.The shell of an atom, what we now know is that the electrons position is determined by a probability function and images have been taken of this shell. Not as orderly as we wanted, a solar system, but that solar system explanation is genius because it helped us to dig further. For the moment still best way to tell a first timer and the truth after a week. The magnet presents us with a simple way to understand this electron shell, this field of potential, it is cheaper, around any magnetic field is a potential, we know the magnetic wave moves. It’s movement confirming that we have played with nature creating a wave confirming everything is made of the same stuff. Just we thought magnetic was static, creating same stuff as when a photon is released, it is the same stuff as what it is released from, otherwise it would be impossible to release or absorb that photon if it was not the same stuff.

 The magnetic field because the magnetic wave moves is a field of potential like any other quantum phenomenon. The magnetic field is half south half north, allowing us to understand entanglement on the cheap. Incidentally understanding it is a potential field the magnetic field like the electron shell means we can understand the principles around nucleus of an atom using a magnetic field, easier to observe, it takes a larger space.

Being similar to everything else in it's class, we can see the probability function of a magnetic wave by merely throwing iron fillings around it. The closer to the source of the magnetic phenomenon the more of this thing actually responsible for the magnetic force we see there is. This thing has been called a donson, but a more fair name would be the khumson. 

The magnetic field supports the behavior of sequencing, a sudden stop, cut off of the sequencing, the paper can be found here,

 Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Magic and Human Relationships

This podcast can be found here: magic and human relationships

Supernatural control of the elements can be described as what magic is. There is probably not a single human being alive if they don’t believe in the supernatural certainly most of their ancestors did. The believe in the supernatural and mysticism are some of the strongest influences on human relations. Every human being has in the past the influence of wizards, sorcerers, priests, priestesses, shaman, popes, deacons, druids, clerics, monks, all sorts of characters associated with the mysterious, at it’s ultimate it can move a rock simply by the mind, through some ritual, be it prayer, spells, trancing,  material things possessing magic like crystals, or magic swords, staffs, spears, magic portions, sacrifices some means to reach the super natural. 

What is the difference between turning water into wine or a god, wizard, or witch that directs lightening to strike at an enemy? Magic has many varieties, it can control the weather, that is why there are rain dancers. Often magic requires human sacrifice. 

What does magic imply given that we understand that everything is in a relationship and all relationships are random. All relationships take energy to maintain that is what gives them structure.

Take the act of turning water into wine. It is an incredible will and placement of faith to believe there is one who can change water into wine and will aide them in the defeat of their enemy, help in causing and overcoming trauma. When needing such an ally some would like to deny the name of this planet is trauma with all the evidence around them even in their culture. The supernatural is called to over come trauma. 

To turn water into wine, the practitioner of this kind of magic must have a relationship with the water that is to be turned into wine. Without a relationship it will be impossible to turn the water into wine. That relationship needs energy to maintain. Considering that water is being turned into wine, changing the atomic structure of the water, adding more atoms to the simple water molecules consisting of bundles of 2 particles of hydrogen and one particle of oxygen. Those simple water molecules must be changed at the atomic level, with carbon and nitrogen being added as well as more hydrogen and oxygen to get a molecule of wine.

This relationship the practitioner has with the water will take an immense amount of energy, to change water at the atomic structure would equal as much energy as an atom bomb if not more. That is magic, that is what it implies when it comes to relationships, the energy needed to control the elements when not in stories is immense when looked at scientifically.

Not fighting that all relationships are random. Turning that water into wine implies relationships, magic utilizes the second law of everything, it is the basis of magic. The second law of everything is about relationships therefore nothing in existence is outside it. It was understood in 2016, and it states, “an information package will remain in its present state unless a relationship is established.” Magic is constantly breaking relationships that we would consider natural. Take the idea of controlling lightning and directing it to an enemy’s position. That means one is establishing relationships with the clouds, breaking what would be considered scientifically normal relationships and creating lightening at will. That is magic.

Relationships being random means that the practitioner who turns water into wine understands the amount of energy needed that will most likely turn water into wine, and they have practiced something to do with such powerful magic somewhere. Not all wizards can turn water into wine, that is why it is taken visually, because one must imagine it, a truly magnificent event., this wizard from somewhere, this practitioner of the arts somewhere can turn water into wine.

Imagine the art of flying as one is free like a bird, reaching great distances sometimes instantaneously. Reaching great distances instantly is magic that transforms one’s body to act against its own structure atoms moving oh, it’s incredible stuff. Even the act of flying like superman, the human body just is not built for that, but those possessing powerful magic apparently can and have done so in the past, today people are looking under rocks for them. Imagine that kind of freedom to fly, surely as great as turning water into wine, freedom against the elements.

Turning water into wine, that is nearly instantaneous magic because naturally one can touch pure water for a thousand years it will not turn into wine. Grapes crushed are liquified and take time to ferment to become wine. A master of magic by implication can make this process instantaneous.

There is an enormous amount of energy needed to make a relationship with the elements create lightning and send it at the enemy. Such a practitioner of magic will be highly respected, feared, and needed. The question is why such a practitioner will be highly respected, feared and needed. Wars are dangerous undertakings. Wars and battles increase the chances that one will meet a traumatic ending. The idea of war is that one’s enemies die but they themselves survives to enjoy having won whatever the conflict was about.

If the idea is to survive, one wants to kill their enemy before their enemy can kill them. What greater ally could there be than one who throws lightening killing the enemy first and whilst they are out of harms way. It is there in the human imagination, giving us bows and arrows, boomerangs, throwing knives, throwing axes, kill from afar. If one were good at throwing an ax, they would have an advantage over one holding a spear or a sword. Better a gun than a throwing ax or bows and arrows, keep yourself away from harm as much as possible, increasing use of different skills.

These practitioners who can control lightning have not been amazingly effective because they are always there before anybody was born, they used to, they used to be there when humans forged metal weapons, why would one need any weapon with a friendly lightening thrower? Today, one can get a great sniper and they can bring down a man from over 2 kilometres away. 

The true magic has been the human, those who wanted to kill from far looked for ways to do so and over time they could kill from a distance as far as possible from harms way. The real magic has been the way societies allowed relationships in their society to think of the best possible ways to kill whilst you are as safe as possible. The true magic is the individual contributions to the knowledge base of society, that is what eventually leads to a sniper being able to kill somebody from 2 kilometers away and the lightening thrower a perpetual myth until humans control the elements through technology will they be able to throw lightening. The magic is believing the human can do better, those who believe in the human need no more proof than all relationships are random to organize society.

Humans imagine practitioners of magic who can split rocks, lift 45 tonne rocks by will without ever touching them. Such rare humans would be helpful during avalanches, or the building of roads into remote locations. Alas again, humans have to actually find ways to do this by thinking, using the mind, and passing on what they have gained in terms of knowledge to the next generation. The next generation will build on that, that is called to survive and make sure of survival.

Believing in the wizard who throws lightning a society will not see the need to be practical and constantly improve their weapons and tactics, each weapon has a different tactic. With the wizard who throws lightening why bother innovate you already can kill at a distance whilst safe. The minute realizing the possibilities of the mind is the minute the power of wizards, priests, shaman, monks, and the such are put in check. Such things will always be appealing because of people’s desire to attempt to increase their chances the easy way in terms of what they desire. Magic offers great solutions.

Money is a modern tool of survival. It gives us access to food, shelter, and clothing and determines the quality of that food shelter and clothing. For most money is not easy to come by, just look at the world around you. People slay other people for money, from the elite to hoodlums, though everybody fears that hoodlum in the alley, by far the biggest dealers in money will always be the establishment. Once they put some mysticism, like caste system, which is no different from saying a human must be a serf all his life, differences only being about who is writing the text.

When one was classified as a low caste or a serf, it had nothing to do with anything except who gets a full belly first. Being a low caste, serf, slave, has nothing to do with the actual abilities of a human being, it has to do with keeping people in their place so they know who gets the first choice to food, shelter, and clothing in terms of quantity and quality.

Would somebody then not wish for a magic gold purse that never ever runs out of gold coins. Say it always has 5 gold coins, one then is assured of food, shelter and clothing no matter what the circumstances. That means whenever say a single coin is taken out, it is replaced immediately. Scientifically that means when ever a coin is taken out, particles are created, that become atoms, that unite and we get a gold coin, enormous amount of energy, but it’s magic people desire it, it will make their lives easier. Such a purse ensures one the lifestyle of nothing but pleasure if they so desire, doing what pleases them if humble enough to shut their mouths and not let it be known they have such a purse. They must shut their mouth, or they will be slain for it.

A love portion, this one is fantastic. Being loved because of a spell. First of all one should be ashamed for such a desire, but what is happening. Somebody desires somebody, they go to a practitioner of the arts of magic, specifically somebody with great understanding of love portions and charms. For one might be able to throw lightning but the knowledge of love portions and charms might have skipped them. One gets this love portion, pours it into a beverage, or mixes it with food whilst cooking, and somehow this person of their desire will fall in love with them.

This portion can only work in such a way that when it enters the blood stream after the digestive process, the blood that has this portion will reach the brain. Inside the brain it will change the relationships that are concerned specifically about you to a more positive outlook. This means this portion has been doctored with something about you. This is the hope. 

Of course they will pee it out, or defecate it sooner or later, one might have to do it every 24 hours for the rest of ones life to keep that affection, and if you die first they will wonder why they ever loved you.

The better of course is the talisman. It does the same thing as a portion; however, it is magic is transmitted straight to the mind, altering relationships in the mind without even entering the blood stream. It means this thing is transmitted via the air, the atmosphere and remotely changes the mind of the one who is desired.

One doesn’t one just send roses, why go to such extremes. Send them a gift of a token of affection. Why would one desire a 100% guarantee in this universe, something that is impossible in most instances given that every relationship is random. One should go with one who returns the affection. If a mind can imagine turning another mind by portions and talisman, imagine if the whole society thought that each person could get what they want by charms, all the counter charms will surly neutralize everything and it would have been better not to have wasted energy pursuing such activities.

Believing everything is not about them but outside factors, a society believing so deeply in magic will never be as confident as those societies that understand that it is about them not some outside factor. It’s you not the gods, not the spirit, not the ancestors, you, you are not a worthwhile instrument if you can’t handle the task so even then, these mystical forces will be choosing one who is capable, why don’t they choose the incapable. Such societies can be easily destroyed because they believe their destruction is the lack of the mystic not any fault of their own.

Once a society refuses to acknowledge where it is because of its own fault they can never get out of the situation because it was never their fault in the first place how they got to where they are. Accepting illogical things as a society is the fault of that society and nobody else. History is there for everyone to see how a society got there. It would give itself a chance understanding everything is in a random relationship, they themselves must act accordingly or use talisman, portions, crystals, and magic dolls to achieve those objectives. Thus, they must transfer their own will to something outside them.

Given that humans can now kill from anywhere on earth somebody else anywhere on earth, way better than lightening, the true magic is the human being, the true magic is yourself.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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