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Khumson Realities around Magnetism: The Charge and the Beginning


Magnetism is associated with the particle the khumson, something proven. What was there before the big bang, highly charged stuff that could produce matter and anti matter, these class of particles are known as mntungwon class. The higgs boson is something after the big bang, mntungwon class gave us matter and anti matter setting up the big bang.  

We know that magnetism is associated with a particle and the particle has been called a khumson. This was not difficult to establish, it was merely to treat the magnetic phenomenon the way Galileo treated gravity, or Descartes and Newton treated light. We know from Thomas Young that one can investigate phenomenon by interfering.

End of 2020 the magnetic pattern was interfered with and measured with a gauss meter. The experiment was a success, why. Because of the figure below entitled “If A not B then particle/ wave”.


The data that was collected corresponded to A, and this was done several times, we would always end up with the wave no matter the interference. At 1 cm from face of slabs we had a pattern like in both A and B, however after 2cm the pattern changed and stayed the same ever after, well up to 10 cm.

If it was something that would confuse us, we would have got the pattern as represented in B, however the phenomenon organizes itself every time no matter the interference into a wave, something discrete organizing itself to go through a medium, and this discrete phenomenon is named a khumson. We must be patient full paper will be about, but one should not be too trusting.

Understanding it is a particle simplifies what comes after. Though one might be frustrated by asking the question why did the scientific community just take magnetism as any other phenomenon, we would have known it’s a particle 100 years ago, one must be grateful for the work that was done. We know the magnetic moment is associated with a charged particle, not just an electron, a charged particle, and that is important.

Take any charged particle X, it will deliver a magnetic moment, as shown in the illustration below entitled “charged particle and magnetism”. The charged particle X will releasees khumsons, the particle associated with magnetism, paired, equal amounts of energy on the north polarized khumson as with the south polarized khumson. A minimum of 6 khumsons, 3 north polarized and 3 south polarized. Covering the 540O of a cube counting for 90O.

But where does the energy to create the khumsons come from. A charged particle is where the khumson comes from, but where does the charged particle get all this energy from. Understanding why the magnetic phenomenon organizes itself into a wave, we understand, because it does this every single time, that it must do this because it is going through some sort of medium, be that medium aether, konke, dark energy, dark matter or yet some named entity, but the fact remains the khumson organizes itself int o a wave, as it does it every time it is because it is going through a medium.

The charged particle can only be getting energy from this medium that the khumsons always organizes itself into a wave to go through. There is no other reason to organize into a wave. This idea is shown in the illustration below, “background medium to medium”

As can be seen from the illustration entitled “background medium to khumson”, the charged particle to maintain its charge has to get this energy from somewhere, it can only honestly be getting it from the medium that the khumson organizes itself into a wave to go through.

The total amount of energy of the charged particle must therefore include the energy needed to maintain charge and the waste, the waste being magnetism, the khumson. As the khumson is discrete, we can understand that the background medium itself is discrete as proposed by the author back in 2016 or magnetism would be continuous, it is not. Not only that if it was continuous it would be impossible to get energy out of it, it would be impossible to isolate, a charged particle would have to take all that energy or none, but since there is more than one charged particle at a time giving out magnetism, no particle is using all that energy all particles charged particles have access to this background medium hence all the magnetism we see.


Total energy needed = charge plus magnetism

Ten = Charge + K                                             (1)


Being quantum, and us knowing that everything is discrete we know that this energy is in pulses, hence magnetism being a khumson. Each pulse being a moment of creation, yenza moment. Coming from charged particles, the khumson is further confirmation that all particles are made of the same stuff. A reality that was explained in the paper “The Algorithm of Information and the Origin of Particles


What we do know is that so far only charged particles are associated with magnetism, are associated with creating anything, have this continuous yenza moment, YT. Thus equation 1 becomes equation 2,


Ym = Charge + K                                             (2)


A Charged Particle is Needed for Creation

If it is only charged particles that have a yenza moment, and if the beginning had to do with explosions, matter and anti matter, then it can only be a charged particle that could have delivered such an event. We know south and north polarized khumsons annihilate each other.

A Higgs Boson has no charge, it is impossible for it to have been the origin of mass, by what process, we can say with confidence it must have been a particle with charge, heavy, a class of particles we will call the Mntungwon class of particles. Having mass as much as Higgs Boson or more producing a class of magnetism high in energy and thus more stable. Stable enough to react with each other and cause a lot of damage when the opposing poles met.

Magnetism like photons has varied types from low energy to very high energy and this is inbuilt in the very equations that illustrate the phenomenon.


K = e-KePec                                         (3) where

K = Total number of khumsons

Ke = Kinetic energy

Pe = Potential Energy

Equation (3) demonstrates why phenomenon disappears so fast mathematically, scientifically it is because it is unstable.

The Mtungwon class of particles can be illustrated as below, same as any charged particle but just having more mass.

What advantage does the Mntungwon class of particles have over the Higgs Bosson, they have a charge and therefore a known mechanism for creating matter as we know it at every yenza moment. The events leading to “big bang” type event had nothing to do with a Higgs Boson, only afterwards might Higgs Boson been of importance, after the big bang.

Inside the Magnet

If everything is aligned, we get what we have in the illustration entitled “if particles aligned”.

But a magnet moment of an atom, id defined by the total magnetic moment of the entire system, of all the charged particles, thus the above illustration can be about the magnetic domain of the material with all the dipole moments aligned, south all one way and north all one way. Because of the nature of 3 dimensions, one would says minimum 6 khumson particles for each yenza moment, 3 north polarized and 3 south polarized khumsons.

We can consider an atomic structure of magnetism, this is just to get a general activity, this will be just the sum total of the magnetic phenomenon that doesn’t cancel itself out within the atomic structure. This alignment of domains is shown in the illustration “if atomic structure aligned”.

As one can see the magnetic phenomenon are aligned, and wherever one cuts the magnet, there will still be alignment and we get our north and south poles. This is illustrated in the illustration below, “wherever cut get north south”

Wherever the magnet is cut we get same north south polarization.

Note that inside the magnet, there is no such thing as magnetism as such because it all cancels each other out. Magnetism comes from the surface. All khumson activity inside if the domains all align will cancel itself out, north and south cancelling each other out.

As khumson activity will be cancelling each other out, it is of no use to talk of flux lines within the magnet, just not possible.

Is Something Solid?

That magnetism cancels itself inside a magnet where all the domains align. We know nothing is really solid, but before we cut a piece of metal, or anything for that matter, is it solid, is there anything inside until we cut or break something. Nature does like saving energy. Before we cut anything, understanding for example that magnetism cancels itself out, is there anything there as in the illustration asking “is reality an illusion?”

As everything cancels out, we do not need any khumsons internally, this of course is just stuff to get ourselves thinking, can anything really be proven to be solid, like a slab of metal until we cut it. Questions to ponder as those seeking knowledge.

Why bother with internal magnetism if it is not solid inside, the universe has many illusions, just a question.


Magnetism is associated with a particle, the khumson, that clearly organizes itself into a wave, this can only be so because it is going through a medium.

The charged particle gets energy for this medium that the khumson organizes itself into a wave to go through. From this medium it sustains its charge as well as create a waste product, the khumson.

This means that charged particles are the only mechanism we can observe where material is being created from this background medium, no matter what people decide to call it. The fact is there is a background medium.

This background medium is discrete, not continuous, if it was continuous it would be impossible to be used as energy as on charged particle would use up the whole lot because it would not be able to be broken up if it was not discrete. The mere fact that there are trillions upon trillions of charged particles all getting energy from same source to create magnetism means the medium is discrete.

Only charged particles have shown us that they can create, khumsons are created as a waste product of the process of sustaining the charge. It is the only mechanism known, therefore, the initial creation of the matter from this background medium that is discrete can only have been something that will create 2 types of matter from that single background source, it can only be a charged particle, a Boson can only come after. But it, even a Higgs Boson must come from events after the creation of matter and anti matter, north pole is anti to south polarized khumson, and this can only be done by a charged particle. Only charged particles have the mechanism to create stuff before the big bang, stuff that led to the big bang,

These charged particles would have a charge equal or greater than an electron and should have significantly more mass, thus significantly producing more waste. It could be one particle or a class of particles. Most likely a class of particles, and this class of particles shall be known as the mntugwon class of particles. These are the charged particles that through a relationship with the background medium where the first to create stuff, a haze of matter and anti matter it must have been magnetic in character but much more stable, because it has led to electrons, photons, all the particles that are in this stable universe.

This type of magnetism could explain the large magnetic fields that are being discovered, The huge magnetic fields discovered by the likes of Federica Govoni and talked about in establishment magazines like Quanta Magazine and written about by science writers like Natalia Wolchover, “The Hidden Magnetic Universe Begins toCome Into View”.

But mostly magnetism supports the idea that everything is in a relationship, magnetism, khumsons are made up of the same stuff as electrons, they are made up of the same stuff as neutrinos and protons, they come from each other in the sun and accelerators and nuclear reactors. One can not doubt that magnetism comes from charged particles, thus it is made up of the same stuff as all charged particles. As the author has said for some time, explained in algorithm ofinformation and the origins of basic particles.

Obviously as magnetism is being created right now, the background medium was far from all used up in creating this reality of ours.


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The Magnetic Monopole: Creation and Isolation


What is a magnetic monopole? It is a magnet that emits 1 polarized phenomenon. It will either emit south or north polarized phenomenon but not both. 

It turns out that it is not difficult to induce. True millions if not billions have been spent on salaries, wages, laboratory equipment, but the phenomenon is easy to induce if we start looking at magnetism from basic quantum magnetism. First prove it is a particle, and the only way to prove that is to interfere with it and measure the magnetic pattern. Whilst doing that you create a monopole because you can only use material that can be magnetized. Then one realizes they can create a monopole of any length. 

Reading an article by Adam Hadhazy, that appeared in discovery magazine on  November 12 2018 titled “Scientists Hunt for A Seeming Paradox: A Magnet With Only One Pole”, he states “If magnetic monopoles ever do show up in Earth’s vicinity, or the detritus of particle collisions, we will know it. And should someone, somewhere, indeed manage to unambiguously nab one of the little rascals, then the real fun begins. Wrangling monopoles could be easy, bending the particles to our will just by applying common electromagnetic fields. Monopoles might flow as magnetic, instead of electric currents, paving the way for “magnetronic” technologies involving “magnetricity,” perhaps in ultra-compact data storage or totally re imagined computer architectures.”

 So, we know that showing a magnetic monopole is of paramount scientific importance and people have been searching for it since the days of Dirac. Reading the paper by Sunil Mukhi, entitled “Dirac’s conception of the magnetic monopole, and its modern avatars”, shows how Dirac was so convinced of a magnetic monopole. To quote Mukhi, “Having presented this extraordinary insight, Dirac concluded

his paper on a modest note: the object had been to show that "quantum mechanics does not really preclude the existence of isolated magnetic poles" No change in quantum mechanical theory was required,just a deeper understanding of it.”

Reading Mukhi’s paper further his comments about Dirac, “Towards the end of his life, the complete lack of experimental evidence for magnetic monopoles began to weigh on him. In 1981, a year short of his 80th birthday, he was invited to Trieste for a conference to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his monopole paper. He declined the invitation due to the strain of travelling, but sent a letter of thanks to Abdus Salam, the Nobel Laureate and Director of the Centre at Trieste. In this letter, Dirac wrote: "1 am inclined now to believe that monopoles do not exist. So many years have gone by without any encouragement from the experimental side."” Must have been heart breaking.

There is now experimental evidence, because one needed to start from first premise what is the nature of magnetism, is it a particle, if so how do we prove it, because it can not defy everything else that is discrete, and in proving it is a particle one will invariably create a monopole.

Technique of Creating a monopole 

Any magnet will do, but in this case the dimensions of the magnet are given below, it was a 4 X 2.5 X 2.5cm Neodymium magnet as illustrated in figure 1. The set up is strictly to illustrate a monopole.


The set up is fairly simple and is illustrated in figure 2.



With such a set up a gauss reading should show that the ion rod, 40 cm as it is, pretty long, with understanding perhaps it can be stretched to infinity. A gauss meter reading should show that everything emitting from the iron rod is of one pole depending on how one set up the demonstration. It is the last 3cm near the magnet where the gauss meter readings will be confused, but this merely because the readings are overpowered by the magnet. The gauss readings can be seen in this video, creating a long monopole.

However if one takes a compass, yes that old Chinese invention, they will see what is illustrated in Figure 3.

As can be seen from figure 3, even if there are those saying a compass is unreliable, on top of the gauss readings, confirms the iron rod is artificially magnetized. That is the technique, going back to basics and testing those basics, treating the magnetism is a basic quantum phenomenon and doing the tedious task of proving it understanding from the photon, electron, that only the basic experiments that consider the basic unique known characteristics of that phenomenon and then measuring it. That is the only way to prove something, there is no other way, otherwise people can argue for ever. Once proven the rest is politics, the name of the particle is associated with magnetism is the khumson.

Looking at figure 3 we see that the magnet is dipole, it has a north and south pole, just looking at the way the compass points. There is the monopole and can be created easily by anybody with a magnet, cheap access to the future of science, cheap access to quantum mechanics.

What we Know

The monopole is just a phenomenon realising khumsons that are of the same polarization throughout, it can be created artificially, and has been done so by Bhekuzulu Khumalo since October 2020.

The phenomenon coming out of a monopole does not change the core character of the phenomenon. It is unstable and quickly dissipates. The original equations describing the phenomenon do not change.


Mph = ae-KePec Where:                                        (1)

Mph = magnetic phenomenon

a = magnetic force at face

e = natural exponential function

Ke = kinetic energy

Pe = potential energy/ amount of matter

c = speed of light

Mph from equation (1) of course can now be expressed as

⭗= ae-KePec                          (2) where:

ž⭗ = number of khumson

One talks of number of khumson because what gives anything strength is the number of the particles. At the end of the day as everything is discrete we must be dealing with numbers, how much of something. The magnetic phenomenon gets weaker and weaker because of reduced number of khumsons.

Reading an article by T'mir Danger Julius entitled The mysterious missing magnetic monopole, from in 2016, she says “Using theory, we can estimate the maximum possible mass for the magnetic monopole. Given what we already know about the structure of the universe, we can estimate that the monopole mass could be up to an enormous 1014 TeV.” The we she is talking about is completely wrong.

The khumson is a massless particle. We know this because the weight of a magnet does not change because of emitting the magnetic phenomenon. True, there is a huge variety of khumsons, just like the photon, however, for any particle to be associated with magnetism it must be massless, all khumsons are massless none will ever be a heavy particle, that will be a particle that falls under a different classification, but nothing to do with magnetism.

Anyone can create a monopole using the simple set up as above.Nobody needs to look under the table for the monopole anymore. 

Bhekuzulu Khumalo


Hadhazy, A. Scientists Hunt for A Seeming Paradox: A Magnet With Only One Pole (2018)

Julius, TD. The mysterious missing magnetic monopole (2016)

Mukhi, S. Dirac’s conception of the magnetic monopole, and its modern avatars. Reson 10, 193–202 (2005).


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