Saturday, November 17, 2007

First the Idea, then the Theory, Finally the Products Bonanza

Without the micro chip we would be so far behind. The microchip works because of our understanding of electrons, at the least the understanding of electrons by scientists and computer engineers.

The electron was so to speak discovered and brought to the attention of mankind by Joseph John Thomson a staff member of Cambridge University, he discussed the electron in 1897. But the idea of the electron came before John Thomson. Having discovered the electron this knowledge allowed others to formulize theories about the electron. Having formalized theories about the electron we have now products that depend on the properties of the electron, televisions, computers, and importantly the micro chip.

Quantum physics/ mechanics has had a long journey, fought many battles, argued with Einstein, but survived through rigorous testing. See many people believe such research is nonsensical, what is the good of pure physics, pure chemistry, pure economics, pure mathematics, these are misguided people. Such people can reduce entire communities and societies into poverty. It is from these pure theoretical subjects that we get products, without the pure physics that entered the realm of electrons, we would not have televisions.

Quantum physics promises more, the quantum computer. The quantum computer promises to be so much more powerful than the computers we have today, Quantum Computer. This is all as a result from pure theoretical physics, definitely not a waste of time. Soon there will be a products Bonanza, all created because scientists were willing to study the theoretical, that so called practical people call a waste of time, a waste of time because how would these pure scientists make money, they are brushed aside as people who de research for the sake of research.

One does not know when less developed countries will take knowledge seriously, the whole spectrum. From the idea to the theory and finally to the products. Quantum physics began a long time ago, imagine if people thought what a waste of time, theory for theories sake.

A recent IMF report dated October 10 2007 by the IMF confirms that the technology gap between rich and poorer countries is exacerbating the income levels gap. Poorer countries by ignoring theoretical knowledge digging a deeper hole for themselves. Products come from our understanding of the material realm, that understanding of the material realm is given to us through the process of the pure sciences. All products we have come from our understanding of the material realm. The IMF article can be found here, technology gap.

Due respect should be given to knowledge, these things are not magic, there is a process and it is not hidden, first the idea, then the theory, then the bonanza of products.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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