Saturday, November 17, 2007

Zimbabwean Government not Okay Upstairs

You can only tell people over and over until the message sinks in. The Zimbabwean government has reached a new low. The economic situation in Zimbabwe is a disaster, they argue the economy has not collapsed though people are dying of hunger, not knowing what to do, ZANU has resorted to magic, alchemy to be more precise. The government that is supported by its neighboring governments, believes now that rocks can be turned into diesel, into fuel that is in short supply in Zimbabwe, Mugabe and Alchemy, not only this but Mugabe did not have the shame to even try and hide this, chiding his ministers in a cabinet meeting about using magic that does not work, Herald Story.

The current Zimbabwean government instead of trying to put the economy on sound footing continues to play with peoples life’s. I can imagine what Mugabe was thinking when he heard that he had such a powerful alchemist in his midst. He was probably telling himself now those whites will see what powerful magic we have, we merely use our secret mystical knowledge and there we have diesel, after this we will use our magic and viola we will have maybe space technology, next time because with the diesel from rocks that is just the beginning, by the end Mugabe probably believed that his magic will not only save the Zimbabwean economy, but create a paradise on earth where the right magic creates goods like diesel.

Unfortunately that can not be done, Zimbabwe must create goods in the material realm and sell these goods, with the money they purchase diesel. Simple, one purchases what they do not have with the money they have worked for, if this simple logic can not sink into the head of ZANU, then Zimbabwe is in a pit that it will never come out of. If Mugabe’s supporters continue to support such an embarrassment to Africa, he has fallen to grasping at magic and the supernatural to fix the material reality, then they too are guilty of wishing in the backs of their minds in believing that wishing is the prime resource of African leaders, that knowledge is irrelevant because they believe that knowledge of the material can never be certain, yet everyday they fly in airplanes to conferences, they use computers to write and communicate with one another they ride in luxury cars that where not wished for but created by man and designed by the minds of men.

Instead of focusing so much on magic, esoteric arts, alchemy, they should focus on knowledge gathering, creating knowledge and using knowledge to create goods and services. There will be no changing of rocks into diesel, what silly people, you can not negotiate with such people.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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