Monday, November 12, 2007

More to Life than the Presidency in Africa

Being a president is a great thing. However not being president is not the end of the world. Al Gore lost the US presidency to George Bush, he survived at changed the world, campaigning for a worthy course, the environment. He keeps his integrity, and will be remembered for more than loosing the elctions to George Bush.

South Africa is having an enormous leadership campaign at the moment, knowing Africa somebody will end up falling down an elevator shaft, read for yourself and think,, or this article from the BBC, Yet there are many things that one can do having lost the elections cleanly, Africa needs to respect knowledge, that is a great campaign, just like Al Gore has done for the environment. In South Africa, what about the intolerable crime rate. The presidency is not the end of the world, there are many ways to alleviate problems, look at Mandela with his children’s fund.

The way things are going a terrible point is been shown to the world, that African politicians have hard heads, heads full of cement. Yet, in reality it need not be so. People need knowledge, a presidency as such can not promote knowledge, a presidency as such can not promote the environment, hence Al Gore could do it. Somebody will end up dead or mortally wounded in this South African campaign if people do not understand losing the presidency is not the end.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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