Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why Desire to Destroy

With the people of the world loathing each other and themselves, they call on the destruction of each other. Fanatics all over the world call for example for the destruction of the United States of America, others call for the destruction of the entire West, there are those in the West who call for the destruction of the Middle East and call for a new order there. African leaders loathing their own people desire for their own peoples destruction, for whomever claims they can deliver for the people like God delivered Manna to Moses, that leader loathes and desires the destruction of his people, because the people must work for themselves in order to achieve anything, no leader claiming to be a mystic will ever deliver knowledge for the people to be able to do things except by the people.

Many in the leadership of the Chinese army seek to destroy America, many Generals in America point at China as the number one potential enemy and threat to US power in Asia, China is being portrayed as an enemy that needs to be controlled, why all this desire to destroy.

With all that we know, we must understand that destroying each other will lead humanity nowhere. When religious people claim to be fighting for humanity but commit the most horrendous crimes against that humanity, is that not a failure on their part. If truly they believed in the Devine they should understand that what ever happens to the world, surely the God they believe in, be it many, or the one true God, surely he will punish the non believers, the sinners, the evildoers, or is the faith so little in their believes that they must do the duty of God and they take the life’s of the sinners and unbelievers, hardly a sign of true faith.

One in reality should only desire to destroy those who oppress them, those who are forcefully taking from them, those who deny them the right to exist, that definitely is a justification to destroy the enemy. But ideology, religion, that can not be justification, because that is simply destroying somebody, or having the desire to destroy somebody simply for having a different view. If ones ideas are based on facts, time will prove them right, if ones ideas are based on wishes time will prove them wrong, eventually something will give in and the people will have to be oppressed simply for the elite to survive.

China realized this, hence the introduction of a special blend of a special type of communism that has allowed the Chinese economy to grow spectacularly over the last decade and a half. There are still those pretending that not freeing the market is the way, well the result is a Zimbabwe, where inflation and hunger are the only news from that once almost prosperous country, why, because the leader always loathed the people, finally wanting to destroy them, one wants to destroy what they can not control, poor leaders indeed, they never understood that freeing the people is to love, one controls what they loath, one loathes what they fear. Idi Amin feared his people so much that he ruined the country to this very day, pure evil, feared the knowledge of others

Hence those who want to destroy America fear it and loath it, those who want to destroy Islam fear it therefore must loath it, those who want to destroy blacks fear them therefore they must loath them, those who fear Chinese talk of a final showdown with China, because of fear they must loath them to justify their fear and loathing. Leaders who oppress their people fear their people therefore must loathe them to justify oppressing them, was not Saddam a fearful evil human, to destroy his own people, the Khomeini in Iran, why fear ones own people so much, fear their thoughts, their minds given to them by the very fact of the existence of the universe in the manner that it exists.

By destroying what one loathes what will one gain, truly speaking in 2007 if America was suddenly destroyed what really are the gains to Al Qaeda, What are the gains to Americans if China suddenly was destroyed, loss of so massive a market and potential partner. What are the gains if Africa was destroyed, maybe free access to its minerals, but would it not be better for Africa to develop and be a potential partner, or is the fear and therefore the loathing to great. If Africa where in the way, true, one must fight it, but Africa has never been in the way of anybodies progress. Iraq is destroyed, what is gained, nothing, the Iraqi people where brutalized by Iraq, as was Kuwait and nearly Saudi Arabia, but without the participating of Iraqi’s in exile the job could not be done. But that is water under the bridge. The military in Burma has destroyed is people, what has it gained, a poor and desperate people whilst they fearing their people can only steal from them.

Do not fear too much, destroy only those who oppress you, but then facts will always prove themselves right. But the Americans are not the wealthiest country for nothing, facts speak, Dubai is not rising because of foolish policies, hunger in Zimbabwe did not appear because of good economic policies, China is not rising because of bad economic policies, do not deny what is in front of your eyes. Do not fear and loath too much, you will end up telling lies.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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