Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Much Needed Compromise from Iran

The nuclear standoff between on one side the USA, Western Europe, and Israel and on the other side Iran might have some reprieve. Iran it seems is looking for ways to rest fears about its nuclear program to the West. Understand it is the rest fears to the West, and only the West, the rest of the world really could not care. Iran it seems is willing to enrich uranium out side Iran, it seems willing to undertake this in a neutral country like Switzerland, Iran allays fears.

This is a great move on Iran’s part. For many reason’s, it is trying to show that it can be trusted, something it does not have to do. Iran has never attacked its neighbors, has never colonized anybody, has never committed genocide, it does not have to prove it can be trusted, because it has never done anything to anybody, instead it has been colonized, it has had brutal regimes imposed on it, the Shah, it has been wronged not the other way. The problem with many is that a truth like the above statement does not fit into their view of the world, but then somebody should tell us when did Iran brutalize the world, or at the least its neighbors.

Being wronged though does not mean a country should commit suicide, one can respect Iran’s desire to for nuclear technology. Statements from the neo cons that suggest Iran does not need nuclear technology because it has enough oil are nonsensical, it is like saying the world does not need cars because there are enough horses. Governments are trying to find a way out of a polluted world, to say somebody must remain behind whilst the rest of the world moves forward is shocking. Why would Iran want to remain behind, it would be foolish to compromise knowledge to please somebody else, neo cons can say other peoples knowledge is insufficient and not up to standard where they control, but the same argument does not work with Iran because Iran has a place to practice their knowledge, where they control they are the brainiest, but outside their control everybody can do if they desire.

Where they control, they have designated roles for people through Hollywood and the media, whites are old fashioned and patriarchal, blacks are to be sportsman and singers, Italians are Gangsters, Jews are the brains, native Americans are honorable and out of touch with reality, now they are even to try to prove it genetically. But they do not control Iran, in Iran Iranians can be singers, dancers, brains, sportsman, they can build nuclear facilities, in Hollywood of course this would not be the vision, they are people designated as the brains. One wonders how countries developed how things where invented before Hollywood, space technology, cars, televisions, rockets, gunpowder told us for example that a Blackman must be a boxer because his brains are too small for anything else, Italians are gangsters but Marconi invented wireless telegraphy the forerunner to modern telecommunications.

What is worrying though is the economic situation in Iran. If funds that could be used to improve the economy are being diverted to the nuclear program there will be trouble, domestic trouble, it will grow and be unstoppable. Hungry people are generally an unhappy lot. The nuclear program must be economically viable, it must be able to generate returns, resources are not to be trained.

For the program to be a success proper management techniques will need to be employed. There is no point in having knowledge if one does not use it properly. Iran has a shortage of petroleum, but has vast resources of petroleum. Maybe its time for the revolutionary zeal to wane down, the revolution is over, the Shah has been overthrown, maybe its time to get to basics. That is a symbol of pathetic management that petroleum is in shortage, the message that is been sent to the world is that Islam cannot provide even when there is abundance of resources. The revolution should be honored by making a great society or there will be another revolution, sadly student protests are a demonstration that not all is well in Iran.

If there is a shortage of petroleum how will Iran manage nuclear technology, whereby the Uranium comes from outside Iran. Having the brain power to create nuclear technology also needs brainpower to manage that technology otherwise it is and will be just a white elephant if indeed it is for civilian use.

But that step of assuring the West by enriching uranium in a neutral country should be some reassurance to the world. Nobody wants a nuclear war, it will set humanity back decades if not a few centuries.

We are all humans, given true freedom all can be boxers, footballers, nuclear scientists, economists, managers, soldiers, actors, anything, that is what freedom is about, Hollywood and the media should realize that, there, Iran has nuclear technology, they have brains given the opportunity, just as Jews where once considered not to have brains, and before that peasants in Europe where considered in capable of thought by the aristocrats leading to violent revolution in France and Russia. Everybody knows everybody else is a human, hence slave masters kept slaves out of schools because they knew slaves are just human and could easily learn, Iran has nuclear technology despite the ruse of history that only certain people can think.

One can only hope at this stage that humans will learn to trust each other and all work together for a better humanity or we will get exactly what we deserve if we refuse to mature, exactly what we deserve as a species.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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