Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ron Paul: Good for Blacks

Ron Paul promises just what the black population need. It is said that Blacks are more closely associated with Democrats, this is for historical reasons. It seems that the deal that black leaders made with the Democrats in the 1960’s was that blacks will deliver the black vote and the Democrats will help blacks by speaking on Black issues and working ‘together’ with the black community to make sure that government services are equally available to blacks and that there are safety nets for the black populace.

This deal is the very thing that has nearly destroyed blacks, and the deals are the same everywhere, in America, in Canada, Europe, Africa, the deal is that liberal parties will look after blacks like fathers and thereby blacks could abdicate the need to make big decision. Blacks would have the system of egalitarian, an equal society in talent, ability and outcome, all at the bottom. Parties like the Democratic party given such a scenario could change over night from being a party of the Klu Klux Klan to one that supports civil liberties because the fears o the KKK where rested because blacks would be discouraged from thinking except on how the government can dish out more for blacks.

Racism exists, only a fool would say it does not, but one continues given the situation, what can you do, its either be what you must be or die, by die I mean there would be no self improvement, a person alive does not exist day to day, a person alive plans, and improves who they are constantly, they do not let time stand still. The deal with democrats in the 1960’s has led to a situation whereby there are more blacks in prison than in college. This is a desperate situation and the government can do nothing about this.

Blacks must know things must be done for one self from the individual level. The con of the community is just that, a con. Help the community, be active in the community, be active with what in the community, if you have nothing how do you become active. To be American, not a black American, to be American there must be assimilation. To assimilate one must believe in the fundamentals of freedom, equality before the law.

By desiring a free market not a managed market, Ron Paul stands for equality, one can participate if they desire. Ron Paul is genuinely against big government intrusive, this is because he believes in the rights of the individual, you can do it if you want, it does not matter what anybody says, those are just ruses to take you eye of the ball. One somebody says blacks are for sports, it is a trick in order that a black man takes his eye of the real prize, knowledge. Ron Paul by essentially believing in those ancient ideals of freedom, is literally screaming, you are not a slave, you are an individual, whilst the democratic party lumps issues as black issues, is that freedom.

Note that Ron Paul was not receiving his fair coverage from the media, why? Because the media fears an individual with passion for genuine freedom, the media wants to control and take away your right to free speech, they want to decide who has free speech, obviously somebody who supports their mind control, somebody who supports that blacks should be sportsman and singers. But Ron Paul has said, no the internet will not be controlled, people will remain free to have genuine free speech.

What other kind of people are marginalized by the media, is it not blacks, especially blacks who know what they are talking about because it is bad for the image that these people have set up as blacks being nothing but poodles to be taught with no original thought. Ron Paul stands for the individual, is that not glorious, are blacks afraid to be themselves, if not, the logical decision is to fight this egalitarianism imposed on them and break free. Freedom is by doing, nobody will ever give you freedom, politicians like Ron Paul are saying take your freedom.

Think about it, first black secretary of state, first black woman secretary of State, give the Republicans some credit. I personally see no way as individuals a way to discredit either Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice. Look at what the Democrats like the first Supreme Court Judge who was black was elected by them, remember Thurgood Marshall, a friend of Hoover, a man who criticized the Civil Rights movement, was happy with the position that blacks found themselves in just for being black.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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Anonymous said...

The uneducated vote democrat, and as blacks make up the highest percentage of uneducated people in this nation, they vote democrat because of false promises made by democrats. did slick willy live up to his promises to help the blacks? did any other democrat since the civil war actually do anything than sign a few bills that truly helped the black population?
Yet Bush did more in his first 2 years to help the black population than any president in the past century.

Get some facts before spouting and digging yourself about some has-been second rate moron that has to have hackers do his dirty work to spam Ron Paul all over the internet



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