Monday, February 16, 2009

Global Reccession, It's not a Conspiracy

The global economic downturn we are facing is not a conspiracy. No government wants people demonstrating in the street. It is real and it is going to get a little more painful. People lose power when people go to the street, no body wants that.

There probably are conspiracies, but nobody would cause a recession, for what gain. Things become difficult in recessions, trust logic. Happy people are easily fooled, hungry people can only believe in promises.

On that score, the stimulus plan is + 1 trillion dollars, American economy is plus 13 trillion. This around 8% of GDP, a buy America clause will affect some 300 billion, it is not something worth screaming about, what should American tax payers buy, steel from which country, sure Canadian steel should be allowed for private projects, but taxpayers money, would Canada do that and Korea, Japan, its tax payers money be realistic.

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