Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do Not Lie

To admit the truth does not make you anything else but somebody who tells the truth. This global economic crises is brought about by one major factor, people could not afford to pay for their homes, this caused chaos in the housing market, banks were not paid, it did not begin at Wall street, that is a LIE. Workers wages where squuzed in order for jobs to be exported from USA, the same workers could not afford to pay for their homes.

The stimulus package can never without the clause buy America, tax payers money can not be used to give other societies work. However a private investor need not buy America if they can afford not to be sponsored by the stimulus package. Grow up and be realistic. Stop telling little lies and using economics for political reasons. How is somebody laid off supposed to pay for a house? It does not matter if you won ten Noble prizes for economics if your analysis was based on falsehood, monetary economics is based on falsehood because it does not look at what causes demand, it does not matter if Milton Friedman won a Noble prize for it, it is still false, why are zero interest rates not working. Friedman is respected for a truth, the free market, but his monetary economics was based on omitting the truth, simple, it doesn’t matter what you scream up and down about.Speaking the whole truth it would seem that there is a blend of anti business, but economics is niether for business or against if it is to be a science, this economics for business where when 300 people die, they first mention the value of the property and as an after thought, well also 300 people died, that is nonsense, economics is about the human being, its primary function is to analyse how goods and services are distributed, it is not there to support or bash business. Anything else is economics of the con artist. See how Forbes magazine talked of a great thing and revolutionary times when Bush saved the banks, but accuse Obama if being a socialist for doing the same thing, because they run on lies, shocking but true. Bush who made a communistic gesture is praised as a revolutionary, Obama same thing is crazy. Bush is and always was a communist, the Politburo is the businessman, if they are not a politburo why where they not allowed to fail, too big too fail, wake up and see evil, its in front of you, the same people who boasted they where talented now are too big too fail, therefore the market can not correct itself by getting rid of this untalented people. That is why there is a market, even in 100 years time when you hear them talking of the market understand it is for the gullible, when it affects them they are too big to fail, Citi Bank should not exist, Goldman should not exist, Bank of America should not exist if the market was allowed to correct itself and get rid of the untalented, that is the market, it cleanses, now it can't cleanse the untalented, there is your global elite, untalented and fearful of competition, but hide behind Adam Smith in good times.They are fake.That is why in Canada they need to control, at least Canadians acknowledge they are not talented and hence put barriers immediately on people who could be more talented. A good economy anyone can have, just reduce barriers, a good economist relies on talent. Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Burma, they could all have good economics, that is not a matter of talent, but of freedom. Russia has extremely talented people, but they are not as rich, they went to space first, first sattelite, extremely talented, good economics is not about talent rather freedom, having a good economy does not mean one has good economists. Only a good economist can see that a strong economy is a matter of freedom not intellectual talent.

The simple answer is America could not kill itself to give somebody a job in Thailand. Let the world use its knowledge and this crises would not be so severe, but people are too frightened to let the world use knowledge because they fear they will not be able to control it.

I wonder if anybody has read the theory of trade, why do nations trade, go back to that instead of trying to control the world, the world is for all who exist in it. Read why there is trade, you trade for what you do not have, or if you can get it cheaper. You can't trade if you cut yourself in the foot, don't help me by killing yourself, get lost, you will end up killing me.

Business cycles will never go away, but they would be less severe if world did not rely on one country. The need to control the world is what has caused crises and you know it. Tax payers money can not be used to stingy the tax payers work. Karl Marx rejected business cycles because they proved that capitalism can revive itself. Revive it properly, and stop being so devious, what kind of human are you, knowledge is the only get way to freedom but the desire to control by whites, by the elite whites, not the ordinary Joe's, but those who fancy themselves illuminated but actually are not because they have no talent and never have had it, they work by fraternities, now I am not against that, but do not say you are for the market, then when the market tries to cleanse you because of your lack of talent you are suddenly to big to fail, a fact is what is bringing this chaos. Exporting jobs mean they control that society, smashing any chance of indigenous production.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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