Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Something You Should Know about Knowledge

Starting a new book today, the planning done, to be entitled "What You should Know about Knowledge", third book, but who cares, I mean, I did put the meat to the subject of Knowledge Economics, so they will fight me, I am not part of their fraternities, but I know, and they know, they could never have imagined how knowledge behaves in the short and long term, they could never have imagined a unit of knowledge, they could never imagined how to measure knowledge, the could never have imagined how time is affected by knowledge, all these things, not been accepted is not a failure, being black is not a failure, a failure is getting the theory wrong, they paid themselves millions but on knowledge got it all wrong.

The book will tend towards philosphy, for the general public. Getting a publisher in Canada is impossible, race issue solely, but maybe try and get an agent somewhere, but agent must first sell first book, the Fundamental Theory of Knowledge. Do not worry, evil is there, but evil functions out of evil I guess and vast fear, and hatred, what has a black ever done to these people.. But book must be written. Non technical, may 300 - 400 pages, preferably less.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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