Thursday, February 19, 2009

UBS Fights for Switzerland

Have a moral tax system and the US government would not have to sue UBS.

What is this obsession about the Swiss, look I do not particularly like them, but if people where moral there would be no need for Switzerland. No inheritance tax, that is an abomination. Those dictations from Africa who hide money in Switzerland should be shot, the Swiss did not make them corrupt, there are snipers, the Swiss have stolen nobodies money. If an African betrays his own, who caused that moral weakness, not Switzerland, Switzerland did not create Mobutu, or any corrupt dictator in Africa, Mugabe was created by the British, Mobutu the French and Americans, name it Central Africa, Ivory Coast, French, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Britain and US, where is Switzerland involved. They just offer a service, and as in any art it can be used for good or evil. Who says those Americans with Swiss bank accounts have not paid their taxes. They probably paid their taxes and what remained wanted it private for them to do what they want with without people asking them what they are doing with their stuff.

Why do people want to know how much money another person has, well some people think rightly so that is a private matter, Switzerland is there. Any how, if America keeps coming to bash Switzerland, there is Hong Kong, Singapore, Hong Kong will never budge to American needs without China’s consent, never. Leave the Swiss alone. Standing up to the US, Switzerland is telling the world, you can be private if you get the chance, for moral reasons, Switzerland must not back down. Stop trying to control people, that is not freedom for me to know what is in your pocket. I do not want to know, envy and jealousy do not drive me.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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