Monday, March 2, 2009

Misguided Lies = Western Policy

AIG is too big to fail, therefore a dinosaur past its time must continue, how many people try and fail yet no tax money comes to them, yet AIG is too big too fail. To work for such companies requires no more talent than a garbage collector, you need connections, they became corrupt hiring on ethnicity and race, and class yet now they are too big too fail. These are the same people who shouted everywhere the market the market, because they thought they where invulnerable, now when its too bad, too big to fail.

Look at Journals, the same people who shouted the market the market are now defending government bailouts for billionaires, they are not intellectuals, they have no stand they where merely mouth pieces, hence got columns in the newspapers like New York Post, National Post, Financial Times, all shouting market and now defending bailouts to billionaires. These are dangerous people.

It is their lies that have caused Ameruica to have such a headache, they ssaid Westerners are too smart to manufacture, that is for the Asians, how are you going to pay a mortgage without a job, 300 million people all in the service industry well here is the result, make nothing just give a service. See they never understood economics as they sold their souls to the highest bidders, the service industry grew out of servicing the manufacturing sector, who are they going to service if there is nothing being made, ASia. You think they are such fools that they would not like to service themselves, arrogance at its hieghest, by people who had money but never saw economics as a full curcle, a healthy society means health for all, if the middle class should lose their jobs through job exports, it will catch up to the greedy at the top as it has, who now say am, the market sometimes when things are okay, in truth, they should be in soup kitchens, but that is how a class protects itself like all fake aristocracies, they put barriers for others lie and justify anything to protect themselves, why Obama is entertaining it iss because he must be beholden to them period. If not that 30 billion would go to infrastructure not AIG or Goldman Sachs, or Citigroup.

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