Sunday, March 29, 2009

Interesting Week Coming Up

Infrastructure spending by US govt would have been helpful, believe me, somebody is going to regret giving banks trillions of dollars and not firing their boards but letting them now “help” with a recovery plan. The real rulers of America, whilst the GM chairman is fired. Sure he should be fired but what is so special about the bankers, they actually get to give advice on how their sector should recover.

South Africans can not complain about destruction of entrepreneurship. Sure its true, whites wanted to destroy the very spirit of being black, they still do today, its obvious, but a leader should encourage entrepreneurship no matter what the odds, obviously whites would be in the way to block it with fancy tricks like saying hey, we are the “experts”, then you immediately have fallen for the trap, because they are saying they will do, you do not have to do. But Manual, you say you are a leader, then lead. That is why the G20 meeting will fail, because for one the Canadians will say anybody of a darker hue must listen to them, they are the experts for the good of the world, the Americans want their stuff, and in general the English, will try to side with Americans and say those developing countries do not understand the way things are, but they will try to be polite, The Russians, Chinese, Indians, Brazilians will be irritated by the bigotry, the South Africans will try to say we need experts because they know to get aide you must say a white is superior and you will not think and they will think for you but inside it will be eating them up, it’s a disaster that G20.

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