Friday, March 27, 2009

It is White People According to Lula

President Lula of Brazil stood up and told the flat out truth, and the BBC has already responded by saying he has ambitions. Once a westerner says such things, like China’s ambitions, Russia’s ambitions etc you know they are out to get you. Here are people gallivanting around the world causing wars and nobody hears BBC, or CBC or any Western broadcaster say, America’s ambitions, England’s ambitions, Frances ambitions, so now because Lula spoke the truth he has ambitions.

Brown went to Brazil to gather support, hey you need our talent, lies of course, they are no more talented than anybody else, but they need to pretend because Britain had nothing to offer the world besides banking, they have nothing else so they need to say an Englishman is more talented in banking, but we all know the truth banking is about connections not talent, never has been. Do you fit in or you do not.

Now Brown is trying to convince people that some esoteric believe that somehow a white is superior, in Canada they do not pretend, they just say please do not use your talent, infact we will take your ideas say they are ours you must know your place. Canadian whites are racist, deep to the bone marrow in most cases, nearly all of them they are only pretentious when you accept your place as their student, never their equal.

Canada like Britain is saying you know what it is not the individual, it is the group, 2 + 2 at Oxford for example is more right than 2 + 2 in a Russian university. Mind boggling but that is what Brown is trying to do and others of the mind set based on superiority.

Remember Lula’s words and you will be save, “they say they know economics but do not know”, they have weapons to take from others, that is their economics, but never better economists, westerners believe in the group, do not for one minute believe in that speech they always give about the individual, it’s a gimmick to open you up for exploitation while they act as a group.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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