Monday, April 27, 2009

Chinese are Not Like Whites

We are told by the whites that the Chinese want to project their power, yet even they know when the Chinese had a chance they never did as one can see from this 16th century story . Yet a Westerner brutalized the world with scares that will last at least another century, but that is what they want keep everybody down except them, keep every one fighting and not at peace.

What the Westerner is saying without shame is that it is okay for them to be all over the world and nobody else. They think everybody is as evil as they even with prove. The Chinese where the first around the world they never committed evil like they did, yet now they want us to believe it is a threat to the world Chinese defending themselves.

It is not Chinese who steal black man’s work because they believe blacks must never think except follow white man’s ways. Remember the Matrix, and Terminator, a poor black woman took the story to the studio’s they said it is stupid, took the idea changed it so that it looked like it came from their mind. The first time I saw Matrix I was just shocked, a world of the future just like the Terminator dominated by machines and one to save everything. Look at my work, they just take, all in the name of destroying blacks.

Look at Kosovo, they accepted its independence to fight Russia and bring peace, yet in Biafra the British boldly stand and say we created Nigeria and will not see it break up, blacks must fight each other yet their whites are allowed to break and be free like in Yugoslavia. Anything that suites them and they gain. Yet when Russia defends freedom in a Georgian province it is made out to be evil, why allow Kosovo to break, Yugoslavia, because it would bring peace yet blacks who want to break from Colonial creations are fought by the West and its puppets.

I never asked for anything, never wanted any bodies job, never asked to join their circles, believed in the free market that it is through effort, and that surely in the name of marality if somebody likes my work they will acknowledge, I never asked for one cent believing I will be paid through my work, they liked it, never acknowledged, acknowleding means book contracts though not costing them a cent, costing their theories on race much, decided to steal, the Googles and the professors of the West can not accept that I who never joined their fraternities like Obama could write my own theories better than theirs they just steal. Yet accuse everybody else of being evil. Arriving in Canada I looked for a job they said no, all of them but whites from Africa where of course accommodated, and I thought this is a land of freedom and opportunity why bother them, I will just show my theories on knowledge economics earn my way, but it is the very act of thinking that is treacherous to a Westerner especially if you are black and show him he is wrong, then the entire society will fight with everything they have, the entire society with all their allies, then they will just take your work and make it look like it is from their mind. One professor even said sure we know you are good, but you are not white and he laughed, intersentingly he used the word we, meaning we Westerners including his portion Canada. Therefore the free market is only for them, otherwise you are a total enemy, and in most cases you will not even know why you are the enemy, the reason is because you thought.

Wanted to make my own leaving without stealing their so called precious jobs, they create a mess in Zimbabwe, when you run they block, Mugabe is nothing but a Western creation, nothing but that and they know it, Mugabe was okay when he was evil but the minute Mugabe saw whites are using him the West said he is evil, but I do not recall asking a Canadian or a white to work in their banks and take their jobs, I said I will write about knowledge here they did a poor job. Instead of acknowledging they steal, why because a black must always beg them. Chine must increase its military defense, as North Korea because when dealing fairly with a Western white you will come out second, they have too much envy and hatred and fear whilst a Chinese could see the world in the 16th Century and not have fear. No more you are too evil and you know you are evil. Anti Christ is Hitler and Napoleon, but killing every Native American, making slaves of an entire continent is not anti Christ but godly, you are mad and insane.

We came here because we believed, but you are thiefs and liars, as Long as the West supports South Korea, the unfortunate reality is North Korea will be blocked from talking to South Korea and must bulk up their defenses. Stop stealing and being evil and claiming to be good, what did we ever do to you.

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