Thursday, April 23, 2009

Begging the Taliban

I am a knowledge economist and I am good at what I do, that is why Google would say they came out with the unit of knowledge because they can never ever acknowledge a black, though they claim not to be evil. Universities are starting courses on knowledge economics, when you read the syllabus, it is just my papers, they too will not acknowledge and rather plagiarize because they can not accept that they where so wrong on knowledge economics and a black happened to be write. Read my papers, read the syllabuses of knowledge economics that are coming up.

It is knowledge, why are you so afraid of it. Why are you forcing your ways on people, I am just asking, I honestly could not really be concerned, but it is sad what you do. Why bother Pakistan, bother them with war, these people are busy trying to alleviate poverty and make a better life. Why are you so afraid of educated women, believe me it is better they are educated, then when you go they can look after themselves and need not bother you.

Where in the Koran does it say no education for women, or are you just evil, as evil as the evil you claim to fight, maybe even more evil. The only thin that can save you is knowledge, respecting knowledge. Being spiritual is understanding the knowledge of the spiritual realm, you can not put a gun to somebody’s head and say be a good Muslim, they will pretend, look for a gun and you will spend all eternity at war. I’m telling you, then the whites can laugh at you and say look at them they like fighting, rest assured whites enjoy fighting, they want to rule the world, but what you are doing is disgraceful, it disgraceful to real human beings, your own people. True whites can take my work, because they need to show only whites think, but I am not their people.

Stop fighting, it is not what anybody wants. You want little boys to laugh at your mother, your mother who gave you birth, humbleness wins in the long run, put down your gun, take people to school and build a great society. How can you ever know God, see God if you do not believe in investigating his creation. Why shouldn’t women know God.

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

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